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Cape Town gears up for its own gaming expo

The weekend of 12-14 April 2013, Cape Town will have its most prestigious convention centre, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), invaded by all things gaming and technology. We invite you to come get your geek on in the Fairest Cape. South Africa’s capital city of art and wine adds gaming to its list. Join me as I talk to Sean Fowles from GameX and Glenn Alexander from 4 elements Gaming Festivals which runs 2upGamers. GameX will host the expo and 2upGamers will run the centre stage at the event.  


How was the idea to create GameX formed?

GameX: “Cape Town is in the opinion of many, the most beautiful place in the world. It happens to have a similarly classed venue which allowed our team of gamers and expo experts to dream big. The dream is to give Cape Town a gaming and electronics event showcasing not only the products, but the culture surrounding gaming and entertainment.”

What is your goal with GameX?

GameX: “The goal is to give Cape Town an experience, year on year that gets better and better. Each event will have more to see and more to do. Gaming and electronics are two markets which have help hands since their inception, and are growing together into the greatest combined market in the world.”

Your 1st expo is 12-14 April 2013, what can gamers expect from the event?

GameX: “The event will have numerous elements to satisfy the senses of those attending. From an exhibition organised by the very experienced Impact Exhibitions, to a stage hosted by 2up Gamers, giving you live action from start to finish. There are some exciting things in the pipeline, which are going to be released in due course. The key announcement from our team is the fact that our exhibition space is now open for booking but limited, so for those wanting to meet the Cape Town masses face to face, we ask for haste. All information can be obtained by simply emailing or checking out our website at”


Will the expo feature any competitive events?

GameX: “This is one of those chicken and egg questions…We choose the chicken. Information on the gaming component of GameX will be released very soon, but believe us when we say it will be worth waiting for! Some folks do not enjoy secrets. We say, a surprise is good, any day of the week.”

What is your view of the South African gaming community?

GameX: “Gaming (and the love of electronics) is a common passion in all gamers. What we see the community doing (actively so) is growing this passion. If a man can play football to make his living, why is he not able to do so virtually or help others to do so? With GameX, we aim to provide a platform where all the facets this incredible community has to offer, can be shared and developed. Although the majority of the gaming world is virtual, the people that are trying to grow it are of the best you will find. (This is not smoke, but a fact based on experience.)”

2upGamers: “My view on the South African Gaming Community can be a very long winded one as I've gamed for the last 3 decades. I'd say since around late 2006 when I got more involved with Forums, Facebook Grounds and Communities I've seen constant growth and development. PC gaming has been the Flagship for South African gaming and of late it is great to see the console gamers getting noticed too. I believe the "fanboy" days are fading as the various communities are coming together and narrowing the gap. 2upGamers being a prime example. Being an Xbox Community Ambassador for South Africa for the past 3 and half years has allowed me to get down and into the trenches and more hands on with 360 gamers. 2upGamers has allowed me to mix with the PS3 gamers and PC gamers and have more events together under one roof. Next phase, to get our local community gamers competing on international standards.”


Why did you team up with GameX for this event?

2upGamers: “For me as the Marketing & Sales Manager for 4 elements Gaming Festivals and co-founder of 2upGamers along with Hylton Arendse, when we heard there was potential to have an electronics and gaming expo right here in Cape Town we eagerly jumped at the idea of “playing co-op” with GameX. We were particularly excited from a 2upGamers side due to the local gaming community we’ve built up over the last 7 months.”

What are your expectations of the expo?

2upGamers: “My expectations for GameX 2013, first rule, don’t try comparing it to rAge. I personally think GameX will bring the real Cape Town flavour to an electronics and gaming expo by limiting the “trade side of the expo” and focusing on the entertainment for the hungry gamer. I see three days of tournaments, LANs, Guinness World Records and much more in April. I cannot wait to see this becoming an annual fixture on our gaming calendars.”

What do you see in the future for gaming SA?

GameX: “We see gaming taking a large chunk out of the social development problems in South Africa. The local community is filled with people not only showing the aptitude, but the willingness to better themselves in something they are passionate about. Folks like the MSSA are making waves in having gaming and the ability to play recognised in the manner it should be. We see SA gaming becoming a large competitor in the global game space.”

2upGamers: “The future for gaming in South Africa is glowing very bright at the moment. If I take a snap shot of what I’ve achieved personally, professionally and passionately in the last 36 months in gaming, there is an amazing time awaiting South African gamers. If we keep on leveling up at the rate that we are, I urge our local gamers to hold on tight with both hands.”

Closing thoughts

I am excited, thrilled, bursting with joy and so incredibly impatient. April 2013 is marked on my calendar for the most exciting venture Cape Town has seen in a long time. With experience in hosting gaming events from 4 elements Gaming Festivals, the knowledge of the Cape Town gaming scene from 2upGamers and the vision from GameX, this expo is sure to get our geek hearts pumping with bytes and pixels. Notify your family, inform all your friends and keep a close eye on the GameX website for updates. If you would like to book exhibition space, please contact GameX as soon as you’re done reading this article.  


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