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EVE Online – "Thukk You, Frill Me!" - a Success!

For you EVE Online players out there, and specifically those that fly the Minmitar -  Stabber or Vagabond based hulls, the recent “Thukk You, Frill Me” Freebooted and RvB Ganked event went ahead as planned and according to schedule, and was labelled a great success! For everyone else who either didn’t know about the event or don’t know how sandbox-based MMO’s do protests, read on!
In a recent update to the EVE Online game client, a batch of starships received a graphical overhaul to bring them in-line with new shader and texturing technologies being rolled out for all the ship types and for all races across the EVE game universe of New Eden, as pointed out in a recent EVE Online Developer Blog. One of the ships that received the update, the Minmitar-based Stabber cruiser and its variations - specifically the advanced version of Stabber, the Vagabond, had a graphical “frill” removed in a recent update A bunch of luminaries within the EVE Universe got upset, and decided to do something about it – namely, stage a protest in the busiest trade-hub solar system and then deliver a sternly-worded protest to where the in-game ships’ manufacturing plant was located, and be concluded by going on a PvP roam deep into player-controlled space with the purpose of dying merrily in a blaze of glory!
Quoting Seismic Stan from his EVE-Online forum post, "Thanks to all who participated, especially Mangala Solaris and the RvB crew for putting the meat on the bones of the idea. Rixx Javix and Roc Weiler provided some great promotional material that was sadly denied airing on the Alliance Tournament feed. Lelouch Degilead (@whistlerbean) did a bang-up job of livetweeting throughout the event too. By my count, our fleet of approximately 200 pilots comprised 10 Vagabonds, 25 Stabber Fleet Issues, well over 100 Stabbers and an assortment of other ships including a Vexor and Federation Navy Comet presence as some are disappointed by the removal of "smile" and the blue light on respective hulls. Thanks to everyone who took part, we TiDi'd Jita, the gates shut down at 2,200 pilots in system, we exploded a Vagabond over the Jita monument and we took the fight to Thukker Mix in Great Wildlands (where they promptly exploded me). I understand that the majority of the fleet went on to die in a fire somewhere in null-sec."
Well done for everyone who participated! Lets hope the frill will be back soon!

Thanks to Seismic Stan himself on the Fly Reckless Podcast, and his EVE Online forum post, Freebooted, Mangala Solaris' page, Evoganda and so many more!


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