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The Skin Trade - Pimping your console in South Africa


The South African gaming scene – or industry if you prefer – is full of entrepreneurs catering for a wide variety of needs. There are independent and national retailers selling time codes and vouchers, hardware and peripherals, games, and more. One of the newer additions to the (indie) retailer landscape is those selling ‘skins’.

Now while the term ‘skins’ may conjure up images of human-like androids, covered in an artificial skin in an effort to make their skeletal structure more ‘attractive’ and even protect its inner workings, the ‘skins’ referred to in this article do… pretty much the same for your gaming console.

Whether you choose to go with a vinyl skin for aesthetics or for the added protection, your options are currently not limited to a single supplier and we have three of the most active and respected brands selling skins listed and detailed below.

All three suppliers that I spoke to (CC Entertainment, Gamerskins and Graffiti Skins) feel that the skins offer gamers an opportunity to customise and “pimp” their console, and each offers a standard range of decals, as well as the opportunity to get custom artwork done that advertises your individually (to anyone that sees the console of course).

Protection was also a keyword mentioned by all three, but that is only for basic surface scratches and wear and tear – should you resort to angry console tossing (specifically against a wall), then a skin is not going to do much more than show your angry individuality.

I did bring up possible disadvantages with the skins on consoles (well, there are air vents that just shouldn’t be covered), but this is not an issue according to the various suppliers as the skins are designed not to cover the vents. The skins are cut to ensure a “perfect” fit and Graffiti Skins, as well as CC Entertainment, specifically stated that theirs could be removed without leaving any glue residue behind.

So, if you’re in the market to customise your console, consider contacting one of the following suppliers before you decide to go all arts-and-crafts yourself.

CC Entertainment


  • Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | info@ccentertainment.co.za
  • Price Range:
    Skins from R249
    Free collection in JHB, otherwise delivery ranges from R50 to R140.
  • Custom Options Available: Yes. Send an image (minimum 1024x768) to custom@ccentertainment.co.za
  • Console Options: PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • Additional Information: CC Entertainment started in September 2014 and their skins are imported from “industry leading suppliers”. They also supply a variety of accessories, games and more via their website.

Are there any disadvantages to skins on the console – covering of vents, etc?

There could be consequences if you purchase skins from other non-industry leading suppliers or vendors. If the wrong material is used and the skin is not cut perfectly to fit your console damage or overheating could occur. Our skins come from industry leading factories where the skins are perfectly cut every time and are designed to fit your console perfectly without covering vents or causing any damage to your console what so ever.

Here’s a hot tip for you - keep your eyes on the CC Entertainment site as they will be having a ‘crazy 5 hour sale’ on all skins on 9 July. Between 10am and 3pm, the skins will cost you only R120.



  • Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | info@gamerskins.co.za
  • Price Range:
    R399 - Xbox One Decal Kit with 1x console skin, 2x controller skins
    R450 - PS4 Decal Kit with 1x console skin, 2x controller skins, 2x light bar decals
    R99 Postnet to Postnet 2-3 days delivery or R275 overnight delivery
  • Custom Options Available: Yes.
  • Console Options: Currently only focusing on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Additional Information: All of Gamerskins skins are locally made “in-house” and many of the skins are being shipped to overseas clients.

Anything special about the skins you supply?

We make our skins with special care and can take longer due to making as much effort to be perfect with every single detail for our customers. 

Graffiti Skins

Graffiti Skins_Header.jpg

  • Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | marlon@graffitiskins.co.za
  • Price Range: From R149 for a controller skin to R359 for a PS4 or Xbox One skin
  • Custom Options Available: “Yes – at an additional charge however!”
  • Console Options: All consoles.
  • Additional Information: Graffiti Skins started off as far back as 2013, and have since expanded their product range to include custom clothing and skins for laptops, cellphones, satellites, tablets and PC towers. A range of their products are also available at a variety of retail stores.
    Graffiti Skins are “proudly South African” and all their skins are “designed and printed by Graffiti Skins in JHB, SA! Cause local is lekker!!!”

 Anything special about the skins you supply?

We really love what we do and it shows…. Our console skins come with two matching remote skins as well as a “brag”-sticker for your rear windscreen to show what gaming platform you are on!  Mainly… because it ROCKS!!  The skins are also custom, high quality designs with accurate templates printed onto high quality films with anti-UV and anti-scratch lamination.

So there you have it, the quick and easy way to customise your console thanks to these South African entrepreneurs.

Have you ever considered this option for your console? Have you possibly already taken the plunge? Let us know either way, and if you’re the proud owner of a pimped console, show us in the comments below.

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