MGMS Advanced Warfare: Up close with Ventus Xero and Astra Infinite

The MWEB GameZone Master series first qualifier for Advanced Warfare concluded two weeks ago. The top two teams, Astra Infinite and Ventus Xero, secured their share of R10 000 in prize money and an invitation to the Grand Finals, which will be held in October of this year. We caught up both of the teams this past weekend. 

Ventus Xero  

Ventus Xero have remained a consistent second place finisher in almost every event this year, with the exception of the MGMS first recon tournament where the squad had to bow out due to conflicting player schedules. The teams most recent result was in the MGMS first qualifier for Advanced Warfare, where the squad secure the second spot on the podium, a position which has guaranteed them entry to the MGMS Grand Final. 

Despite the relief of making the Grand Finals, the squad is still restless in their attempt to secure the title of becoming the number one team in South Africa before the end of the year. The Grand Final will act as a huge opportunity for the squad to take one step up on the podium. With a history of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride, Ventus Xero have been looking to change things up in the past few weeks.

The biggest change to the squad is that of the team captain Aidan "Phenom" Beit, who has decided to step down from the squad for personal reasons. Since then Ventus Xero have managed to secure the services of one of the youngest and most talented players Kyle "Frost" Nortjie from eN F34R. The captaincy of the squad has since been placed in the capable hands of Spyro "Cypher" Orfanos, who we sat down to speak with recently: 


Spyro "Cypher" Orfanos 

During the MGMS qualifier, you faced some tough competition, what do you think about the current level of competitive COD teams in SA?

 We would like to see more teams getting involved in the competitive scene as at their doesn't seem to be as many as there used to be, which is probably due to the switch over to the next generation consoles. There is strong evidence suggesting that the competitive scene will move to the PS4 for  Black Ops 3, so hopefully that will breath new life into the competitive scene and raise the level of competition.

Did the MGMS first qualifier go as planned for your team? What will you be looking to improve on leading to the grand finals?

For us, anything less than first is disappointing especially after coming back from the EDGE LAN and placing second with arguably one of the closest finals in SA CoD Esports history. Our goal now is to refine our roles and make sure we are as comfortable as possible going into the Grand Finals.

Your team has undergone some changes since the first qualifier. What do you think this will do for your squad?

Phenom has played a huge role in shaping our team to what it is today and him stepping down was a big change to our squad. We had only one player in mind to complete our roster and picking up Frost brings a whole new dynamic and new energy to the squad. We are excited to have him on board with us. The role of captain also shifted over to myself, Cypher, because my team believes that I am the most suitable person to fill the role.

Do you think Ventus Xero have what it takes to take the top spot at the MGMS Grand Finals?

Absolutely yes! We are hungry to win and we are confident looking forward to the grand finals with our new squad. I believe it will come down to who wants it the most and we want to prove to everyone that it is us! 

Who do you think are the teams to watch for the second MGMS qualifier for Advanced Warfare?

I believe that upcoming teams such as inX Gaming and Team Paragon Elite (TPE) might be able to surprise everyone in the future.

Astra Infinite 

Astra Infinite is a squad defined by their achievements. Securing the MGMS first qualifier as well as the title of the EGE LAN has propelled the squads reputation as the current top team South Africa. Coming, seemingly out of nowhere, the Astra Infinite squad have built their team from the ground up over the past few years. Ever resilient, the team believed that if they worked hard enough and put in the time, that they would be in the position that they find themselves in today. 

Staying true to themselves and their goals, Astra Infinite have managed to do what all aspiring competitive console Call of Duty clans have wished to accomplish by becoming SA's best competitive console team for Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareAfter attaining the number one seed for the Grand Final, the squad are looking to continue on their winning streak.

With each passing tournament, the squad, captained by Hameed "Viper" Moosa, is establishing themselves as a powerhouse name in the local eSports community. We sat down with Hameed to talk more about the past, present and future of Astra Infinite.


Hameed "Viper" Moosa

What did it mean for your team when you secured the number one spot in the MGMS first qualifier? 

It felt good to be reassured of what we can do when it comes down to important tournament games. It feels great to claim the win of the MGMS Grand-Final 3-0 over Ventus Xero as they were our closest rivals coming into this tournament.

How was the overall difficulty of the matches for your team during the tournament? Do you believe you were ever challenge for the number one spot?

The matches in the MGMS tournament were easier than expected. We did have some good competition but I feel like we deserved that first spot. The amount of preparation we put into this tournament definitely gave us an advantage in-game and made us feel confident as a team. We won 17 out of 18 maps played throughout the entire tournament, which speaks for itself. 

What do you think has been the key to your team's growing success?

The natural chemistry this team has is definitely the key reason to our success. We have something that many teams lack, and that is trust. We can count on each other to make mind-blowing plays when needed and we know that our backs are always covered. We also put countless hours of time into this game and all five of our players are experienced and can handle playing under pressure, which many other players cannot. We also have a great flow of communication and energy during our games which also plays as an advantage.

Your team will now have to wait for the Grand final to face the team that places second in the next MGMS qualifier. Who do you think are the best-positioned teams to take the two remaining spots?

In our opinion, there are still many teams that have the potential of qualifying but the top teams that we should look out for are eN F34R, Insane Gaming and TPE Recon. It's going to be great from a spectators point of view. Really looking forward to the second qualifier because now we can sit back, relax and watch these fellow teams play and maybe pick up on some new strategies in-game.

What is the main focus for your squad between now and the Grand Final?

Our main focus is to reach the maximum of our potential individually and to build the team chemistry until there is no more room for improvement. It's all going to rely on how much practice we put in, and we can confirm that it will be enough. We also are looking to create a squad known as "Astra Nation" who will be able to represent us in the next qualifier however we cannot reveal the #Intel just yet.

The second MGMS qualifier for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare registrations open soon! 

The registrations for the next MGMS qualifier will open on the 8th of July. The top two finishers of the tournament will find themselves with a seat in the Grand Finals facing up against Ventus Xero or Astra Infinite. 


VentusPhenom (Left) & Astra Lithium (Right) at EGE Finals 

Be sure to keep an eye out for our registrations announcement article on the 8th of July for all the details regarding the second qualifier

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Prizes for second qualifier

The top three teams will bag the following cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize – R5,000
  • 2nd Prize – R3,000
  • 3rd Prize – R2,000 

Who do you think will be taking the title of the second MGMS qualifier? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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