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MGMS CS:GO - What you missed at the finals

(Article written by Kyle Wolmerans)


The first qualifier MWEB GameZone Master Series came to a close this past Sunday. The tournament saw the countries best take part in the first of two qualifiers which will lead up to the Grand Final LAN at the MCave in Cape Town. Two teams from each qualifier will earn their spot, with two already filled by Bravado Gaming and Damage Control.

LB Final - Aperture Gaming Atlas vs Damage Control 

On Sunday Aperture Gaming Atlas (ApG.Atlas) took on Damage Control (DC) in the lower bracket final. A best of one would see the winning team re-enter the winner bracket to take on Bravado Gaming for the top seed in the first qualifier. ApG.Atlas won the knife round and chose Inferno. 

This being a best of one a win here would secure their spot in the final. Unfortunately ApG.Atlas lost the knife for sides and took the less favourable Terrorist side. Damage Control asserted their dominance early on with bombsite retakes with unfortunate post-plant holds from ApG.Atlas. They took an early lead allowing ApG.Atlas only 3 rounds on the Terrorist side.

The halftime score was 12-3 to Damage Control and that already put them close to a victory, but ApG.Atlas were not going to hand it to them on a silver platter. ApG.Atlas staged a small comeback getting a further three rounds on Counter-Terrorist but unfortunately, could not match the aggression and execution of the Damage Control Terrorist side and the game ended 16-6 in favour of Damage Control. 

The win secured their invite to the LAN Finals, but in order to get that favourable seed they’d have to best Bravado Gaming in the finals of the first qualifier.

Watch the match:

Damage Control Facebook , Aperture Gaming Facebook

Final - Bravado Gaming vs Damage Control 

Bravado Gaming had one game in hand for their unbeaten victory to the Grand Finals and once again Inferno was the choice of Bravado Gaming after winning a rather unorthodox knife round. While players struggled to join, Bravado Gaming and Damage Control went for a two versus two knife round. Bravado Gaming then selected Inferno, and Damage Control chose Mirage. Bravado Gaming had one game in hand, so a victory on Inferno would secure their top seed. 

Bravado Gaming won the knife round once again to choose the Counter-Terrorist side of Inferno. The game was neck and neck for the most part with Damage Control taking an early lead. Damage Control were 5-0 up on Terrorist side, and already the game seemed to be in their favour. Once Bravado Gaming found their footing, they regained control started to push back. Five rounds on the Terrorist side were already sufficient for Damage Control.

Inferno is a more Counter-Terrorist sided map, so five rounds would be optimal to stay ahead once sides are switched at halftime. The halftime score was 9-6 to Bravado. On the Terrorist side they stepped it up and won the pistol round, taking three successive rounds in a row. 

Damage Control managed to take five more rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side, but that was not enough as Bravado Gaming took the Grand Final 16-11 and the series 2-0. Bravado Gaming and Damage Control are your first two finalists for the MWEB GameZone Master Series.

Bravado Gaming Twitter | Facebook 

Watch the match

The first qualifier didn’t feature Energy eSports or the newly formed Ventus Gaming due to their roster changes. The two remaining “top four” teams will have to fight for their spots if they wish to take it to the main stage for the LAN final in Cape Town later this year.

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If you’re chatting about the MWEB GameZone Masters Series on Twitter (or even Facebook), remember to add the hashtag #MGMS. For title specific information, use the hashtag #MGMSCSGO for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:


  • Bravado Gaming  – R5,000 (Seed one for Grand Finals) 
  • Damage Control – R3,000 (Seed two for Grand Finals) 
  • ApG Atlas – R2,000 

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