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The MWEB GameZone Master Series first qualifier for Advanced Warfare concluded this Sunday when South Africa's three best teams fought for the number one position. The stakes were high as there was R10 000 in cash prizes on the line and even more importantly, the last available spot for the MGMS Grand Final in the tournament.  

eN F34R vs Ventus Xero 

Ventus Xero and eN F34R share a history of fierce rivalry, so let's backtrack a bit before we jump to MGMS finals day .

Over the past season, Ventus Xero and eN F34R have narrowly avoided one another in almost all competitions. In the First Recon event, Ventus Xero had to forfeit the tournament due to being unable to play on the final day. They went on to watch from the sidelines as eN F34R walked out as the winners of the tournament. 

At this years EGE Lan, eN F34R and Ventus Xero went into the tournament as the first and second seed respectively. As a result, both teams were placed at opposite ends of the tournament. eN F34R, however, found themselves in poor form at the LAN and eventually got knocked out the tournament before they got their chance to face Ventus Xero. 

On the final day of the MGMS first qualifier, finally we had the match we've all been waiting for. Ventus Xero and eN F34R were ready to take on one another, in a game that would finally decide who is the better team. 

There wasn't only the rivalry to worry about, as an interesting development took place before the match went down. One of eN F34R's key players, Kyle "Frost" Nokia, had announced that he will be leaving the squad after completing the MGMS tournament and would be moving over to Ventus Xero. 

History aside, both teams had to look ahead to the importance of this match. Ventus Xero and eN F34R were not only battling over rivalry, but also for a spot at the MGMS grand finale Lan in October. 

We kicked off the match on Hardpoint. eN F34R had a solid start to the game, collecting some early points on the board but it was Ventus Xero who turned things around to take a dominant lead, with two minutes of game time remaining on the clock. F34R Frost had been leading with kills for his team and was looking for support from one of his three clan members.

F34R Drew stepped up to the plate and managed to decimate the Ventus Xero line up in the second-last hardpoint, which allowed his team to bring the score to a few points behind that of their opposition. Through great pressure and teamwork eN F34R went on to claim the last points of the final hardpoint, which tied up the score in the last second of the game. As a result, the teams would have to replay the map, a situation that rarely happens in competitive play. 

Ventus Xero went on to win the replay of Hardpoint convincingly. eN F34R, despite being on the backfoot, managed to break Ventus Xero's lead by taking the next map of Search and Destroy, a mode in which they have had most of their success. Both teams kept within one another's reach for the rest of the match, with the score locked at two-all after four maps had been played. We moved to the final map of Search and Destroy where only one team would walk away clenching their guaranteed spot at the MGMS Grand Final Lan. 

eN F34R were favorites going into the last map, due to their recent form in Search and Destroy. Ventus Xero, however, were ready to stick with their rivals every step of the way as the two teams traded round after round with one another. In the ninth round with the scores locks at four-all, Ventus Xero broke away to be within one round of clinching the match. eN F34R managed to take an early lead in the round as F34R Jakes secured the first kill on Ventus Phenom. As Jakes tried to recover, he saw all three of his teammates eliminated on the opposite side of the map and before he could gather his thoughts he was eliminated. 

Ventus Xero took the round and the match against their rivals to progress to face Astra Infinite in the Finals. 

Watch all the maps 

Half Way Interview with eN F34R 

We were joined by F34R Hazzards and F34R Drew after their match against Ventus Xero. The two eN F34R players joined Holden ZA to talk about the match:

Astra Infinite vs Ventus Xero 

Astra Infinite has been on the best form that we have ever seen them in over the last two years. The squad have managed to remain undefeated in tournament play for the past few months and are looking to extend their reign as the number one team in South Africa. In the MGMS first qualifier, they have faced all of the top teams at least once and come out on top every single time. 

The last time that Ventus Xero faced up against Astra Infinite was in the winners bracket final, where Ventus had connection issues which played a part in their 3-0 loss. Ventus Xero, now without connection issues and on the back of a victory against their rivals, believed themselves to be ready to face against their powerhouse opponent, Astra Infinite. 

The match kicked off on Hardpoint where both teams started the game by trading early kills.It was team Astra who attained an early lead by gaining the lion share of points in the opening minutes. Ventus Xero tried to regather themselves, but Astra Infinite managed to keep their momentum and pushed Ventus Xero to a point beyond reach as they took the map in convincing fashion. 

The second map was much tighter, as Search and Destroy proved to be a clash that we had all hoped for. Similar to the eN F34R versus Xero Fracture game, the map was also tied at four-all after eight rounds of play. Astra Infinite, however, were not going to go down so easy as the undefeated squad turned on the pressure and secured the next two round to claim a 6-4 victory. 

The third and potentially last map would see us move to uplink, where both teams had great success in the past. Ventus Xero came into the map with an aggressive start, catching their opposition off guard. Ventus took the early 2-0 lead with Astra Infinite having a stumbling start out of the gates. Momentum, however, suddenly shifted as Astra Infinite managed to get some quick scores of their own, taking the lead  (4-2) going into the second half. Ventus Xero never really recovered as Astra Infinite went on to take the map 10-4 and the match 3-0. 


Watch all the maps 

Social Media  

If you’re chatting about the MWEB GameZone Masters Series on Twitter (or even Facebook), remember to add the hashtag #MGMS. For title specific information, use the hashtag #MGMSAW for Advanced Warfare.


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:

  • Astra Infinite  – R5,000 (Seed one for Grand Finals) 
  • Ventus Xero – R3,000 (Seed two for Grand Finals) 
  • eN F34R – R2,000 

Did you enjoy the MGMS first qualifier for Advanced Warfare? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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