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5 Tips to fix ‪‎Batman‬: Arkham Knight‬ PC - AMD & Nvidia Cards

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Batman: Arkham Knight is out today and the reviews point towards the game’s quality in our “Review roundup – Batman Perfected?” Except if you are a PC gamer; the pc version is full of performance issues suggesting that the PC version is a poorly optimized console port. If that’s not enough, Rocksteady Studios waited until launch day to update the game’s system requirements.

If you bought the PC version of Arkham Knight, we have five tips to help smooth things over.  

Changes to minimum PC requirements day before release?!

Hours before the game’s release, the developers updated Arkham Knight’s PC system requirements on Steam via an announcement. The minimum system requirements previously had only a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB Memory Minimum) as the GPU option, so AMD users with a card using 2 GB of memory and in the same power range should feel safe buying the game right? Wrong.

The updated system requirements show an AMD Radeon HD 7950 (3 GB Memory Minimum), which did not sit well with AMD users. At the time of writing, the comments on the announcement are 34 pages long and growing at a rapid pace.

To make matters worse, the system requirement update notes additional issues with AMD GPU’s: “There are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards. We are working closely with AMD to rectify these issues as quickly as possible.” - Source

It’s not only AMD users who are having frame-rate issues, as the game’s user reviews on Steam suggest Nvidia users are suffering from low frames-per-second (FPS) as well. One user notes: “It has 30 FPS cap and stutters all the time on my GTX 980. I am not batman until patch.

There is a thread over on NeoGaf devoted to PC performance analysis. No conclusion has been reached as to why the game is underperforming. Some AMD users report the game is “dropping into single digit FPS” and Nvidia users report "erratic FPS and stuttering".

You can watch a performance test on an AMD system by YouTube user dathip below, showing how poor the game's performance is at the moment:

Until the game receives an update, its rough times ahead for PC gamers in term so stable FPS. Thankfully, we have five tips on how to potentially fix some of the game’s issues.  

1. Disable the 30 FPS cap

Batman: Arkham Knight is capped at 30 FPS, which is normal for a console port. What isn’t normal is that there is no way to disable to 30 FPS cap in the game’s menu, yet the in-game benchmark is unlocked by default. Here is how you unlock the FPS cap:

  • Go to the Batman: Arkham Knight folder and find the "Config" folder for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config” 
  • Open BmSystemSettings.ini in Notepad.the Press CTRL+F to search, and paste the following line: MaxFPS=30.000000 then press "Find"
  • Edit the 30.000000 value to set desired your desired FPS. 
  • If you want to cap the game at 60FPS, the string should look like: MaxFPS=60.000000 
  • Save the file. 

Remember to back up the .ini file before editing so you can easily restore it to default settings. Some users report that it is better to change the FPS cap to 120:  “Change max fps to 120, not 60”. That’s if you can get close to 60 or 120 FPS in the game’s current state.

2. Disable Nvidia Gameworks (again)

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Nvidia Gameworks, most noticeably in Project CARS and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. NeoGaf forum users suspect that smoke effects are crippling their performance. Until we know for sure what the underlying issues are, AMD users should turn off all Nvidia Gameworks settings in the game's menu in order to squeeze out a little bit of extra performance.


3. Disable Motion Blur

Users are reporting that the Motion Blur is Arkham Knight is bugged. To turn off the Motion Blur option, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Batman: Arkham Knight folder and find the "Config" folder for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config”
  • Open BmSystemSettings.ini in Notepad.the Press CTRL+F to search, and paste the following line: MobilePostProcessBlurAmount then press "Find"
  • Change the value to 0.0
  • Save the file. 

Remember to back up the .ini file before editing so you can easily restore it to default settings.  

4. Download the AMD and Nvidia drivers

There are mixed reports about the effectiveness of AMD and Nvidia’s latest drivers for the game. Some say it fixes a few of the frame-rate issues while others complain that it changes nothing. However, downloading and installing the latest drivers won’t do any harm, so it’s worth a try.

Download the custom “Game Ready” Nvidia driver here.

Download the AMD Catalyst beta drivers here or for the Radeon 300 series here.

Unfortunately AMD user woes are far from over, as the driver page notes that the game may “crash during in-game benchmarking or when exiting”, and that “the screen may turn black or pink when changing the resolution to 1680x1050”. Crossfire support for Arkham Knight also remains disabled, but will be re-enabled in a future update.

5. Disable Intro Movies

While you are fiddling with settings to get the most out of your PC in Arkham Knight, another annoyance is that the intro movies keep playing every time you start up or restart the game. To disable intro movies, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the Batman: Arkham Knight folder and look for the “Movies” folder inside, for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Movies”
  • Find the files "Intro_BM3Logo_fire.usm" and "nv_logo.usm" and rename them to anything else.
  • I would suggest you rename the file extension to “.old” so you can easily undo the tweak by renaming the files back to their original status later.  

Hopefully the game will receive an update to fix all the FPS issues in the near future. One has to wonder if Rocksteady Studios did enough tests on the PC version of the game to insure a smooth gameplay experience for all.

Developers should be held accountable for releasing a game in such a state. If you don’t want to wait for a fix and bought the game on Steam, you can always use Steam Refunds to get your money back.

Have you bought the PC version of Arkham Knight and are you having performance issues? Let us know in the comment section below.

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