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Dota 2: The Local Experience – How much have you spent on the Compendium?

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The International V (TI5) prize pool is growing at an immense pace, already scratching the $14 million mark at a whopping $13,963,370 at the time of writing. Players have been throwing money at their screens since the Compendium’s launch and it continues to amaze me how much money some are willing to spend on cosmetic items. Gabe Newell is swimming in our money.

Valve clearly knows what they are doing and in the process they are creating by far the biggest prize pool in e-Sports history. How much money has South African players spent contributed to the prize pool? I ask some local players and take a look at why the Compendium’s prize pool just keeps going up.

Local Dota 2 players are spending tons of cash

Valve added the base pool prize pool of $1.6 million, so the amount contributed by players is $12,364,806 at the time of writing. Furthermore, only 25% of a purchase goes to the prize pool, with the rest going into Valve’s pockets. That’s an insane amount of money to begin with.

During my time playing against South African Dota 2 gamers, I find that player’s levels range from sub 10, (meaning they only spent R120 on the Compendium) to 300 and more. Currently I am level 110 and I spent roughly R600 since the Compendium’s launch. Some might say it’s a waste of money, while others think its well worth it.

I asked our local gamers how much they have spent on the Compendium. Due to the question being about money spent and some players hating on Compendium owners, the participants will remain anonymous.

Player 1:I’ve spent just over R1200 since the Compendium started. Will probably throw a few more hundreds at it when Immortal 3 is launched.

Player 2:R300, bought a level 50 Comp and will never look back, best value in my opinion.

Player 3:I think around R500 due to the collector’s cache coming out. $2 for a mythical set is just too good.

If you don’t want to buy a Compendium or do not have the means too, that’s all well and good. The Collector’s Cache is great value for money (R24) if you love cosmetic items. Remember that it is everyone’s own choice what they spend their money on. If you buy a Compendium you are not a “no-life loser” and if you prefer not to buy one, you’re not suddenly a “kid” or “hate e-sports”.

Let’s take a look at why the Compendium is growing so quickly

Reasons for the rapid growth

Last year was somewhat of a test run for Valve, as they created a Kickstarter-like stretch goal oriented rewards system. Players poured their money into the prize pool and Valve’s pockets, reaching $10.9 million total. When the Immortal Treasure was released on 31 May 2014, the contributions took a mammoth climb.

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The reason for the TI5 Compendium’s continued rapid growth is simple. Instead of just one Immortal Treasure, Valve has three this year. The Immortal Treasure II instigated a big climb and the Collector’s Cache is further increasing the growth. Now we still have one Immortal Treasure that isn’t even out yet and hopefully more surprises like the Collector’s Cache to come, the final stretch goal of $15 million should be reached in no time at all. For reference, check out the graph comparisons between TI4 and TI5 prize pools. Will Valve release more stretch goals in the near future?

How much did you spend on the Compendium so far? How big do you think the prize pool will end up being? Let us know in the comment section below.

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