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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Review

The third downloadable content (DLC) pack, titled Supremacy, for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released on Xbox One last week. The new DLC brings four new multiplayer maps, including a remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Highrise, and Part three of the Zombies game mode. Players who decide to buy the DLC can expect added hours of fun and nostalgia with the latest addition to the Advanced Warfare series. 

Impressive maps, with a shot of nostalgia 

The return of Highrise, now called Skyrise


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has now added a total of 13 maps, via DLC. Only two of those (Pipeline and Highrise) are remakes of maps found in previous Call of Duty titles.

The latest addition, Skyrise, stands out as one of my favorite additions to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare collection. The remake of the Modern Warfare 2 map, Highrise, is more of a reskin than anything else. I liked the fact that Sledgehammer decided to stand away from tampering with the map design and decided to just change the aesthetics instead. In the past we have seen studios, such as Infinity Ward, make some detrimental changes to older maps, which results in the map losing the original feel. 

While the dynamics have vastly changed, due a completely different movement system than Modern Warfare 2, Skyrise still plays out very well. You can expect to return to the some great sniper spots, such as the top of the crane which is placed on the outskirts of the rooftops or the window perches that lie horizontally opposite from one another.  

Overall, Highrise was a map that I loved from Modern Warfare 2 and that I was exceptionally happy to see return in Advanced Warfare. 


Facing World.png 

Kremlin has a vastly different map design than what we have come to expect from Sledgehammer Game's previous releases, which have almost always incorporated a large degree of verticality. Kremlin, however, plays out on a relatively flat landscape that is caked in snow. There are two towers, which face opposite on another and are placed on either side of the map. The map reminded me of an old Unreal Tournament map, called, 'Facing Worlds', where the two towers acted as the focal points of the design. Kremlin is a largely fun map, with an intriguing change up of map design that plays out extremely well on Uplink and Capture the flag. 



Parliament is a medium sized map that takes place on a battleship which has defended the murky waters of war-torn London. There are three heightened tiers in the map, with each level getting respectfully higher than the next. Parliament has its own unique feel, in that in doesn't take place on a traditional landscape and reminds me (for obvious reasons) of a Call of Duty 4 map, titled shipment in that is has a symmetrical design. 



Compound is the smallest map in Advanced Warfare and by far the most fast-paced. Catering to close quarter combat, Compound is unforgiving to any player that tries to use any weapon either than a shotgun or small machine gun. Unfortunately, I feel that Compound is almost too small for its own good as killing an opposition usually results in them respawning within jumping distance of your location. It's a great mode for Free-For-All, but nothing else.  

Zombies: Exo Zombies - Carrier 


Part three of Exo Zombies has been added to the Supremacy DLC. The story follows part two of Exo Zombies, Infection, where our four main characters (celebrities) which star cast has now been joined by Bruce Campell, the star of iconic movies like "Army of Darkness" and "Burn Notice". Bruce voices Captain Lennox and replaces Oz, John Malkovich's character, as the authoritarian role in the series. Bruce fits in perfectly to the cast and manages to provide a solid voice over performance throughout the play through. 


The look of the Exo Zombies is what difines it and Carrier is rather disappointing in that its aesthetics reminded me too much of the first episode. I would have preferred to play part three of Exo Zombies in an area that felt less familiar than another Atlas Corporation creation. That said, the design of the map is extremely balanced, there are some tight and confined corridors which can draw you into a mild heart attack when the footsteps of the zombies echo from either side of the passage. There are also some open areas where you can use your exo-suit to its full potential.  

One of my favourite additions, of which there are many, in Carrier was the makeshift Pachinko machine which was mounted on a wall in the Armory. The machine allows you to throw a ball into a hole, where it trickles down to a random cup which has a credit reward attached to it. My inner gambler was extremely fulfilled as I would rush to buy more grenades with the money I had just won at the Pachinko machine, so I could do it all again. It would have been nice if the zombies would just relax and let me play my game instead of gnawing at my back flesh.  

Ball drop.png 

Stepping back to reality and away from my new found addiction, I realized that there was a whole new game to play and usually a new character to fight. On average, every two rounds, there is a new opposition to face or new objective to complete in Carrier. The constant changes keep you on your toes and forces you to change up your strategy instead of mindlessly shooting zombies from one corner of the map. A new 'search and destroy' type mode has been included to the game and does a great job in adding urgency as well as depth to the general round rotations. 

Scattered among the many new additions to the third Exo Zombies story is a brand new weapon, the LZ-52 Limbo. Pulling the trigger fires a small ball from the barrel of the gun, where it proceeds to create a long laser beam across the room and slices the hordes of zombie corpses. It's easy to understand why the gun has been left out of competitive play as it just decimates anything in its path. 


Part three of Exo Zombies manages to keep consistent with the previous additions by supplying players with a familiarly fun and interactive experience. If your a fan of the series, then you will love Carrier as it manages to combine all the elements from the two previous episodes and add quite a bit extra. The startstudded cast does a great job of providing entertaining feedback and character development throughout. 

Closing Thoughts 

The Supremacy DLC for Advanced Warfare has managed to bring a whole lot more content to the game. You can feel that Sledgehammer Games have been taking more risks and providing greater innovation than what we have seen in the past. For that reason I think they have taken over Infinity Ward as my number two development studio in the franchise. 

Compound stands out as the most disappointing addition to the game, with the other three maps fitting into the collection of DLC nicely.Part three of Exo Zombies is the stand out in the collection, as game mode continues to grow in variety and fun. If you are a fan of the survival-based game mode, then Supremacy is a must buy. 

Have you managed to play the Supremacy DLC, what are your thoughts on the latest addition to Advanced Warfare?

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