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UPDATE | Fallout 4 - What you missed


Yesterday Bethesda invited us back to the Capital Wasteland. After almost a seven year wait, we'll once again climb into the jumpsuit of a Vault resident, and reunite with our old friend, Pip-Boy. We already got a look at the residents, landscape and even a glimpse at the character who's skin we'll inhabit during our stay in Boston.

We've barely scratched the surface of yesterday's Fallout 4 reveal, so let's open the vault door and see if we can uncover more secrets.


Bethesda responded to the 2015 release date:

A Bethesda PR told  GamingBolt, “The official store is run independently by Treehouse. We have not shared any news on a release date.” Note that Bethesda did not deny a 2015 release date for Fallout 4.

Here are two new Fallout 4 screenshots courtesy of Gamespot.


Fallout 4.jpg

Welcome to Vault 111

Vault 111 pre war.jpg

Vault 111 pre-war

The trailer revealed that the protagonist is a Vault 111 resident. That means his parents probably evacuated to Vault 111 during the Great War. Remember, the Vaults were only opened about 20 years after the Great War.


Vault 111 opens

Vault 111.jpg 

 Vault 111 hatch opened

Fallout 4 more combat focused?

Did you notice these four interesting things about the main protagonist?

  1. He doesn't wear the standard vault jumpsuit, but the armoured version. In Fallout, each vault has a jumpsuit version that is tailored to the areas unique dangers and vault purpose. Armoured jumpsuits provide extra points to weapons. Vault 111's version doesn't have the shoulder guard of Vault 101's version that paid tribute to Mad Max.
  2. According to the trailer man's best friend will form an integral part of the adventure.
  3. Bethesda introduces a new Pip-Boy in Fallout 4.
  4. In the trailer, he holds what looks like a modified laser rifle.


Given the above information it looks like Fallout 4's protagonist is skilled in battle. Fallout 3's main character came from Vault 101 that was more scientifically orientated. It also took a while before you got access to a proper rifle. Fallout 3 also had a dog as a companion, but he didn't play any significant role. My dog died in one of our first battles in Fallout 3.

Fallout 4 pip boy.jpg

The Pip-Boy (Personal Information Processor) appears much bigger than the previous versions. There appears to be an added interface (similar to V.A.T.S.) as previous version had three main sections and as you can see, the new one has four.. As with previous Pip-Boys it's strapped to the arm but doesn't require gloves.

The Fallout Look

Fallout 4 will only release on current-gen platforms, which is a good thing because we can assume Bethesda will make full use of its powerful engines. Except, the screenshots and trailer show a world that might as well launch on previous-gen platforms. The landscape looks gorgeous, but the characters? Not so much. If we think current-gen we think Witcher 3. We expect things like dynamic beard growth, trees that sway in the wind, animal fur that shows every muscle movement. Having said that, the Fallout universe has its unique charm, and personally I love what I've seen.







Welcome to Boston

So the December 2013 leak was correct, Fallout 4 takes places in one of the oldest United States cities, Boston. We already showed you the iconic Boston landmarks with yesterday's reveal, so jump back to here for another look.

"The confirmed setting is in Boston, Massachusetts; this confirmed from the trailer released on June 3rd of 2015, as well as Gamespot. It shows the Statue of Paul Revere and the USS Constitution in the trailer as well, along with the Boston State House with its unique Golden Dome. Scollay Square, the Bunker Hill memorial, and Fenway Park are also visible in the trailer.

The setting will also include mountains and the outlands of Boston's city limits; also Boston contains tall skyscrapers unlike Fallout 3 and New Vegas."


What do you think; disappointed about the graphics, or keener than ever? Before we leave Boston, did you know that the amazing Hellboy (Ron Perlman) will again narrate Fallout? After the reveal yesterday he tweeted, " of the tougher secrets I ever had to keep..."  So for the fifth time we'll hear him say, "War, war never changes..."

Bring Back Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads Fallout 4.jpg

I don't do video game achievements, but when I do, I play with dolls

I am not ashamed to admit that I unlocked the "Yes, I Play With Bobbleheads" achievement in Fallout 3. Yes, I also achieved "Vault-Tech C.E.O." status for collecting all 20. No, that screenshot isn't mine, I did not keep it for almost 7 years. According to the Fallout 4 trailer we might see the return of Bobblehead achievements. Did you also spend hours searching the Capital Wasteland for Bobbleheads? I loved looking at the trophy case in my sexy Megaton House. I did change the interior frequently, and did not blow up Megaton.

Let's talk pre-order and release date

First the most important question, when will Fallout 4 release? The truth is that we don't know, and we'll have to wait for the E3 reveal on June 11. But, according to the Bethesda Online Store Fallout 4 releases in October 2015.

Pre-order Fallout 4 and get 20% off your next purchase on the Bethesda Store! (A 20% off code will be emailed to you after purchase. 20% off excludes games, pre-sale, deposit and sale items. Codes expire October 31, 2015.)

World’s Most Anticipated Game in Development at Bethesda Game Studios. Full Details to be Unveiled on June 14th at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase.

“We know what this game means to everyone,” said Game Director, Todd Howard. “The time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever. We’ve never been more excited about a game, and we can’t wait to share it.”


According to IGN, if you pre-order then the estimated shipment date states "TBA 2015." A Bethesda spokesperson told IGN "We haven't released a date."

South African gamers can add Fallout 4 to their Wish List on Raru Shopping. You'll be notified the moment pre-orders open.

I'll conclude my Fallout 4 broadcast with two videos about more stuff you might've missed.

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