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Top Tuesday: 5 games you probably didn't finish

Every gamer has two lists stored inside their heads. One is a list of games that they're hoping to get to, ie games that they may or may not have bought yet, but that they plan on playing 'one day'. The other is a list of games that they started playing, but just never finished. Strangely enough, for most gamers, that second list is usually longer than the first, and often times the games on the first list inevitably find their way on to the second.

Why the closing credits of games rarely ever gets seen by gamers is down to a number of reasons. Sometimes it's crippling difficulty, other times design flaws we can't look past and other times, a newer shinier game came along. Whatever the reason, there have always been videogames that just never get finished.


5. Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Year: 1985/1986, Format: Arcade

NES Capcom’s notoriously difficult adventure game always concealed a mischievous tone beneath the creepy facade of terrifying monsters. Somehow surviving this game was a fate worse than death, reaching the end only to be told that it was “a trap devisut by Satan.” Players are then ushered on to play through the whole shebang again on a tougher difficulty to properly complete the game. One of the few occasions where it is perfectly acceptable to snap a controller in half.


4. Dark Souls Year: 2011 Format: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

As far as people in videogames are concerned, Smough and Ornstein are the worst. This unlikely Little and Large duo punctuate a gruelling run through Dark Souls’ iridescent Anor Londo and become an insurmountable roadblock for the majority of players. Proficient Pyromancers usually had the best luck defeating this fat-and-thunder tag team but for many these twisted denizens of From Software’s nightmarish RPG were too much to take.


3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Year: 1989 Format: NES

Chalk this entry up to atrocious game design rather than anything Bebop and Rocksteady can conjure. This platformer was marred by respawning enemies and ill-conceived level design, often culminating in one ultra-precise jump that you always missed, plonking the unfortunate Ninja Turtle back at the beginning of the stage and forced to battle through the same enemies again and again. Not to mention those steamrollers that patrolled the outdoor sections…they were a right pain in the shell.


2. Battletoads Year: 1991 Format: NES

No one minds a difficult games when if it’s fair. However, Battletoads is cheaper than a second-hand copy of FIFA 10. The jetpod sequence has given many a retro gamer nightmares (not to mention severe eye-strain), springing walls out of nowhere and allowing exactly zero time to react. Instead, players had to play through on a trial-and-error basis until they had the whole mission memorised. It’s the sole reason why games™ enjoys playing Ribbit Kings so much…okay, maybe it’s not the only reason.

La Noire-.jpg

1. LA Noire Year: 2011 Format: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Detective Cole Phelps is many things. LA law-enforcement officer, war veteran and a man with no clear understanding of the word ‘doubt’. Oh, and he’s also an insufferable dullard. While LA Noire was no doubt a technical marvel, Rockstar’s gritty murder mystery features a sloth-like pace that, come the halfway point, most players felt it had given all it had to offer. After ten-or-so hours of repetitious gameplay and meandering storyline, who could blame you for giving up? No one, that’s who.

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