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Here's what you missed at the Gauteng MKX Cup Qualifiers

Gauteng's toughest fighters gathered in Johannesburg this weekend to take part in the first South African Qualifier for the Mortal Kombat Cup. The event was held at the IS Gaming Headquarters where all competitors came stretched, trained and ready. Choosing their faction and their strongest champion, the fighters climbed their way to the top.

The broadcasting was handled by nAvTV's Dewet "RidditZ" Lombard-Bovey and Devin "Hellbird" Rigotti. Here's what RidditZ had to say:

"WHAT AN EVENT! The setup, the staging, the atmosphere. The Gauteng Qualifier showed us what South Africa and tournaments can achieve if everyone comes together. After watching and casting the Gauteng finals, if this is the level of fighters we have in South Africa, we are in for a treat come the South African Grand Finals."

The Roundup


The day set out with one question begging - Who would be Gauteng's champion? That question was answered when Vikar "Draeka" Singh took on Jeremy "JAH464" Cloete. The undefeated kombatants faced off in the final match. "A best of three; of best of threes." What this meant was each fight would be three rounds, and the fighters would have to win in a best of three match. Draeka took to his favoured champion, Sub-Zero, and secure his spot in the South African Grand Finals winning 2-1 of JAH464.South Africa's first Mortal Kombat champion had been crowned.

In case you were unable to attend the event, we've acquired some jealousy provoking photos from the Day of Trials - which is what I will be calling them from now.








Photo's courtesy of PlayStation South Africa

With the bar set this high already, what do Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape have in stall for the rest of South Africa's champions? After the great response from this past weekend's event, Ster Kinekor Entertainment opened more slots for the next qualifiers.

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