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Error37 Explained; 10 Best Memes

One of the highlights of having the Internet in 2012 is when it takes a crap on your subculture and you join in for the LOLZ. Memes are the primary way this is done and sites like 9gag and reddit have brought them into the mainstream from the underbelly of 4chan. It’s nice when a gaming meme becomes really public knowledge, similar to Skyrim’s ‘Arrow to the knee’, and that’s just what’s happened with Diablo 3.


If you’re on Twitter and Facebook and aren’t a gamer, you’ve probably been wondering what all the complaints are about with this ‘Error37’ stuff. In case you’ve been out of the loop or just peering into the culture for a bit, Diablo, a massive game that’s taken 12 years to come out, has been released onto servers that are way too overloaded. Instead of getting into the game, players are getting interrupted by a mysterious ‘Error37’ splash screen. The fallout has affected the user review score heavily, decreasing the overall Metacritic score, something Blizzard seldom has to deal with. For the full article on the story, check it out here.


It’s been disappointing but has opened the door for some amazing memes. Here are 10 of the memes that I find the best.


If you want to make your own, post them here or on 9gag and share them with us in the forums or in the comment section on this article. There’s a high chance I’ve missed out on few gems, so also include a few ones you find that aren’t here and spread the love!

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