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Where is South Africa's YouTube Community?

Within YouTube's enormous heart resides a group of YouTubers with distinctly South African accents. These brave souls have patiently worked together to upload gaming content with a unique local flavour. Unlike many other industries, it seems that the South African YouTube community has been working together to promote local content. They can easily be swallowed up by the beast that is YouTube, so we thought we would do our part to prevent that and introduce you to some of South Africa's YouTube personalities.

Our first stop on our tour of South African gaming YouTubers was with MWEB GameZone's ex-writer and now budding TV presenter, slash local gadget geek, Grant Hinds. Grant, among his various other duties, has been working on his YouTube channel over the past two years. The range of content on his channel is quite impressive, as subscribers are treated to Dota guides to gadget reviews and so much more. 

Grant Hinds YouTubeTwitter 

Grant currently has a total of 316 videos and is planning on adding a whole lot more in the not too distant future. We caught up with him and fired some quick questions his way. 

So first things first, what can people expect when they hit the subscribe button on your Youtube channel? 

Grant: Fun gaming stuff! This is the place where I try to have as much fun while still being informative. 

Where did it all kick off for you and what keeps you producing more content?

Grant: I've always loved online video, it all started at Zoopy. I just do this because I love it! I hope it shows in my videos!

Any advice to aspiring South African gamers who are looking to start their own Youtube channels? 

Have fun and just make stuff! That's 90% of the work!

After the round of quickfire questions, Grant and I went on to chat at length about the local YouTube community. One of the most interesting conversation points had to do with the YouTube community's vastly different approach to handling collaborative work, when compared to the corporate world of media. Content collaboration, as opposed to direct competition, is what makes the main difference between the two. 

YouTubers recognize the need to work with others, as independent growth is usually slower when you are delivering content to the same audience on a single channel. When YouTubers work on other people's channels, they expose themselves to a brand new subscription base and, therefore, can increase their own personal following. One such local case of two YouTubers working together was between Grant and our next interviewee Cole 'WiinX' Goldie.

Cole 'WiiNx' Goldie YouTube | Twitter | Facebook 

Cole 'WiiNx' Goldie currently has a total of 40 videos on his channel and over 400 subscribers, with big plans to expand his channel over the holiday season. 

What can we expect when we click on a WiinX video? 

WiinX: It is a mix between PewDiePie and jacksepticeye. I do gaming content; commentaries, funny montages and VLOGs. Occasionally I  have a 'special video' for when I hit a milestone in my subscription total. If you enjoy watching entertaining gaming content, then my channel is the place!

What made you decide to start uploading videos to YouTube? 

WiinX: I mainly started YouTube because I wanted to create my own content and build a fan base for myself. I wanted to see if people would actually enjoy watching me play games and just messing around. It turns out that people did. My inspirations that got me going was definitely pewdiepie and jacksepticeye. The interaction with my viewers keeps me producing content, I love talking with people I have never met. My viewers will always support me on what I'm doing with my channel and I would not be in the position I'am without them. My viewers are what keeps me going!

Do you consider YouTube to be an avenue for South African gamers to earn a living out of?

WiinX: Most certainly, if the person is creating content on YouTube is doing it because it is their passion and they love making videos, then why not. Anyone can make money off YouTube and at the moment, its gaming side has grown into a huge industry for some people. If others can do it, I don't see why South African YouTubers who make gaming content cannot jump on the bandwagon.

Any advice to aspiring South African gamers who are looking to start their own YouTube channels? 

WiinX: I get asked this a lot and I always say this, never give up! In the beginning, it will always be difficult, but never give up. It takes time and you must always work your hardest  and you will be rewarded, that I can promise you. Don't be upset if you get hate, it is just one of those things you have to live with.

The last stop on our tour of South African gaming Youtubers was with Riaan 'ReefTV' Lee, a local YouTuber who currently has 376 subscribers and a massive 810 videos currently circulating the interwebs.

Riaan 'ReefTV' Lee  YouTube Twitter | Facebook


Hey there Riaan, let's start off with the name, what is the story behind ReefTV? 

ReefTV: Reef is a nickname I grew up with from the primary school days. It stuck with me and some people forget it's not my real name. So naturally it was going to be part of my channel name. As I see it a Youtube channel is a showcase about yourself. Thus the name ReefTV

What local element can people expect when they subscribe to your channel? 

ReefTV: ReefTV is the only place you will find Skyrim in Afrikaans. ReefTV has more than just gaming related videos like: let's plays, first Impressions and Diablo 3 build videos. I also upload anime reviews, though that has moved to my blog, and videos of 4x4 trips in and around South Africa. I love gaming and the outdoors. 

Where did ReefTV start and what keeps it going? 

ReefTV: Initially my channel was used as a place to share the odd video I took, but after watching Sips from the Yogscast and Markiplier I was intrigued by creating let's plays and thus my journey started. To tell the truth I'm glad I did. I've taught myself audio and video editing, even some photoshop. I have also met some really awesome people from all over the world, fellow YouTubers and game developers. If I had to choose one thing that keeps me motivated to keep on creating new content, It's comments from the people who watch my videos. When people talk to you about a series or video you've made and you can tell they really enjoyed it......the feeling is just too awesome!

Do you consider YouTube to be an avenue for South African gamers to earn a living out of? 

ReefTV: One can make a living form YouTube, but it's not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and only a tiny percentage of YouTubers make it big. For those interested, nothing stops you from trying to make YouTube a job, but I suggest having a backup plan for in case it doesn't work out.

Any advice to aspiring South African gamers who are looking to start their own Youtube channels?

Reef TV: If you want to start a YouTube channel, feel free to ask me for any technical advice as to what software to use etc. Also don't be afraid to check out the Let'sPlay subreddit, some great people on there and a ton of information. Just keep in mind, it's a time-consuming process and you won't see significant growth at the start. 

Other South African YouTubers

If you want to be added to the list of local YouTubers then let us know by commenting below.

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