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Orena introduces new ladder system for eSports South Africa


Outside of small tournaments or cups, competitive teams in South Africa are limited by the teams they're able to compete against. That's all changed with the introduction of Orena's  Gaming Beta Ladder. Although competitive ladders are nothing new to the gaming world, this one is slightly different. Orena has gained both local and international recognition over the past few months for the hosting of two of South Africa's most successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Their previous partnership with Logitech have created an almost steady, and regular tournament schedule, which may open doors for some of South Africa's first paid eSports athletes.

Climb to the top

Orena's Elo Tournament ladders will include three disciplines: Dota 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. 

"Since Orena’s inception in early 2013, our main goal has been to release a tournament "system" that would help foster a healthy competitive environment for the South African eSports scene, as well as provide a platform for gamers to be accurately ranked. In turn, we believe this would assist potential investors in acquiring valuable information of player and team activity in the gaming scene. Over previous years, professional gaming in South Africa has remained a niche market, allowing only a few parties to benefit from the dedicated group of gamers. With a system that promotes continuous play in a competitive environment, we foresee a growth in local player performance, a vast increase in the number of competitive gamers due to the desire to be ranked amongst the country’s best, as well as a drastic improvement in team and player marketability for sponsors."

If you wish to sign your team up for one of the respective ladders, here's where you start:

Orena explains the system:

Our system uses the Elo rating system found in popular sport and eSports events such as Chess, Tennis, Football, League of Legends or DOTA2. Simply put, teams will be featured on a ladder which automatically raises or lowers a teams total rating depending on if they win or lose their given match. Teams will be able to challenge each other on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis and will only be restricted by three factors:

  • Teams are only allowed to challenge other teams within a 10 rank range. (Example Team A on rank 15 can only challenge teams from rank 25 to rating 5).
  • This will be changed to limiting teams to challenging between a set number of rank points when the number of teams in the ladders starts to rise!
  • Teams won’t be able to challenge the same team twice in a row.
  • Teams will only be able to have 5 active challenges at a given time.

These restrictions are in place to try and prevent point/match fixing from occurring.

The Logitech Invitational

If you're still unsure on whether your team is capable of taking on the best, here's a bit of incentive. The top 15 teams from the CS:GO ladder will receive invites to play at the Logitech Invitational for their shot at a R15 000 prize pool.

After Energy eSports claimed first place at Orena's Battle For The Throne, they've already claimed top seed, regardless of their position on the ladder. The remaining seeds will be determined by the positions on the ladder.

The prize pool will be broken down as follows:

1st place: R7500
2nd place: R5000
3rd place: R2500

For more information you can contact Orena on Facebook and Twitter. It's initiatives like this which give us hope at growing competitive gaming in South Africa. Taking on the big leagues is not an easy feat. If you have a team and wish to make it to the top, this is your time to shine.

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