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Rumour: Is EA resurrecting Star Wars 1313?


Could the cancelled Star Wars third-person shooter potentially be getting a second shot at a release? A new rumour points to 'yes'.

The Star Wars-centric YouTube channel, aptly named StarWarsHQ, picked up on the rumour when they highlighted a short column titled 'People to Watch' featuring Amy Hennig from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. The column is pretty innocuous by itself and basically talks about how awesome Hennig is. You can watch their assessment of the rumour in the video below starting at 2:27 minutes.

Stay on target

Hennig was, as you may know, one of the key developers on Naught Dog's Uncharted franchise and her departure from that project was a point of concern for that series' fans. Hennig of course left Naught Dog to work on an announced Star Wars project with Visceral Games that would be published by EA.

As StarWarsHQ notes, the game was assumed to be a Han Solo/Boba Fett starring game that would take place in an open world. Game Informer seems to refute that. It's the throwaway line near the bottom of the column that's of interest. According to Game Informer, the game Hennig is working on is one "many assume evolved out of the canceled Star Wars 1313 third-person action game shown at E3 in 2012".

As rumours go, its a pretty tenuous one, but the trailer for Star Wars 1313 hinted at a game that was heavily influenced by Uncharted and who better to make an Star Wars-themed Uncharted game than the woman that made Uncharted.

The game created quite the buzz when it was first announced, but was cancelled as a victim of the fallout that came from Disney's purchase of all LucasArts properties in 2013. While the rumour is far from an kind of confirmation, Disney/EA would be smart to bring the game back, given it's positive buzz, already in-progress development and as a handy marketing tie-in to the Christmas release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

What do you think, is Star Wars 1313 coming back?

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