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Uncharted 4 graphics close to that of film according to lead character artist

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Naughty Dog’s Frank Tzengi, the lead character artist behind Uncharted 4, believes that the game’s models are close to that of a Hollywood film. Is the gaming industry close to film quality graphics or are the statements by Tzengi a bit over the top?

Nathan drake could be a digital double in a film

Frank Tzengi spoke to CG Master Academy in an interview. During the interview, Tzengi made the bold claim that the protagonist Nathan drake looks good enough to be a digital double in the film. The PS4 is indeed a powerful gaming device and the most powerful of the current-gen consoles in terms of hardware and Uncharted 4 does look good, but not that good. Just last week MWEB GameZone writer Zaid Kriel noted that a 4k upgrade for the PS4 and Xbox One rumors are without merit, so achieving film quality graphics on the current-gen consoles seems very unlikely.

Even though Nathan Drake looks impressive from screenshots and videos seen so far, it is hard to believe that games will reach the quality of CGI blockbuster movies in a few years’ time; especially on next-gen consoles as they can not be upgraded with better hardware.

Tzengi explains:

"Game quality is really close to film right now, looking at the stuff we do at Naughty Dog. This character can easily be a digital double in a film. Based on the quality, the detail, the blend shape, the color, everything that we put on the character this is basically a film character to me. So to me, videos games are getting really close to film quality, and this is exactly what I wanted to do."- Source

Tzengi continues by talking about the future of graphical quality in games:

"As we have more powerful consoles coming out, so right now we have PS4, it's definitely more powerful than PS3 and that enables to put more polygons, you know, using more high-res maps and get more resolutions in a game, making more expressions making more blend shapes and wrinkle maps. All of this is getting us one step closer to the film quality that we wanted for the game industry and I think in a few years we can get there." - Source

Although highly impressive, I do not believe games will reach the graphical quality of a CGI movie in the next few years. If such graphical quality does get reached, it will probably be on the PC, as the PS4 not nearly as close to the power of a high end PC gaming system.

You can check out the brilliant, full 1 hour video interview below.

Do you think that games will have the graphical fidelity of CGI movies in the next few years? Are you excited to go on another adventure as Nathan Drake? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.  

Source: Gamepur transcript

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