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Everything you need to know about SA's Battlefield: Hardline Beta Servers

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Battlefield: Hardline's Beta opened its crime-filled streets yesterday, and if you're a local gamer, then you've probably finished downloading it today or you will over the weekend. The finished product will require a massive 60 GB of hard drive space! Lucky the Beta is only about 11.8 GB. While we're talking about downloading games, remember that MWEB gives priority to gaming traffic. See here for our ADSL specials.

Local Battlefield: Hardline Servers from

  1. Johannesburg / Conquest /
  2. Johannesburg / Conquest /
  3. Johannesburg / Hotwire /
  4. Johannesburg / Hotwire /
  5. Johannesburg / Heists /

Secure your own server today

Battlefield Hardline Beta.jpg provides South African gamers with local servers via the Johannesburg datacenter, which is hosted by MWEB GameZone.

  • R10.31 per slot, order here.
  • Official EA Ranked Server Provider
  • Insane Battlefield Hardline server performance utilizing the latest Intel 3.x+ Processors
  • No noisy neighbors - An entire CPU core will be dedicated to your server
  • Resilient network - All servers are behind a redundant Tier 1 global network dedicated to gaming

If you run into problems downloading the beta:


Tips to dominate the streets

EA released tips and tricks to dominate in the Beta, here's the highlights. You can check out the original post here.

Hints for Hotwire Mode

In the fast-paced Hotwire mode, use the Mechanic loadout, equip the Repair Tool and ride on the vehicle’s passenger side to crank up the points. You can be top of your team without getting a single kill!

Try to defend the main highway if you’re playing on the vast Dust Bowl map. When you’re trying to out run the enemy, don't be afraid to get dirty - sometimes your best option is to go off road or through a backyard.

Be a Master of Conquest

Know your surroundings! To master the Dust Bowl map, control the high ground on both ends of the map. Find the Stinger Battle Pickups and take out those pesky choppers. Learn where to place Zip Lines to move between Control Points quickly.

It’s always tempting to capture more Control Points in Conquest mode. However, if your team already has a majority of the Control Points, you should concentrate on defending them and not rushing towards the enemy's. Don’t spread your defenses too thin!

The Perfect Heist

Pulling off a Heist on the Bank Job map? Criminals should know that there is more than one entrance into the vault – such as the roof. Search the map for additional access points and coordinate with your team on what entrances to open or leave closed. Cops should be quick on their feet and shift position as soon as the drop off location changes.

The Security Room controls the security doors directly outside the vault. Criminals can use the button to close off the easiest route for the cops to assault them.

Are you playing the Beta? Come drop us a comment after you've had a few rounds. We'll be running a live stream of the Beta at 3pm today, so make sure to tune in and see the action.

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