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7 Things Only Gamers From The 90s Will Remember

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How long have you been gaming? If, like me, you started way back in the *coughs* (80's) 90's, then you'll remember things like speech bubbles, demo copies included in your favourite gaming magazine and the golden era of single-player only games.

Thanks again to the oddballs at PlayStation Access for the video.

  1. Game manuals - Oh the smell of adventure when we browsed through the manual that came with most new releases.
  2. Sorry, no "saves" - If you died, you had to start all over again. Finishing a game in one session was essential. The original PlayStation had only a total of 1MB of data. 
  3. Being alone - Before every game had to include online multiplayer there was the golden age of single-player games. 
  4. Speech bubbles - Today's games make you feel like you're part of a Hollywood movie, but back in the 90's, role-playing games especially felt more like you were playing in an epic novel. Much of the game were left to the imagination of the player, whereas today everything is right there in front of you.
  5. PlayStation's signature black Cd disks - Do you still have one of those? It was gorgeous and deeply mysterious ;) If a game series were huge (like Final Fantasy) then you'd sometimes have up to eleven disks! Then one of them went missing...
  6. The beginning of gaming magazines - If you were a gamer you had a favourite gaming magazine. Not the skinny versions of today mind you, big, fat issues containing everything from reviews, news to opinion articles. Most of them also came with a demo disk, and that's how we decided which game to buy next.
  7. Cheat codes, tips & Walkthroughs - Yes, we still have those today, but remember back in the day how excited we were to get our hands on a thick stack of cheats and walkthroughs. 


What do you remember most from gaming in the 90's?

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