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Ubisoft kills third party Far Cry 4 copies


Ubisoft might have just killed third party copies of Far Cry 4, as the digital version of the game bought via G2Play, eBay stores and G2A have been deleted from subscriber's Uplay accounts. Here are the details

(Please keep in mind that this has not been confirmed or denied by Ubisoft at the time of writing, so it should be considered a rumor until such time.)

Removal details

Members of the Ubisoft support forum as well as multiple Reddit users have seen digital copies of Far Cry 4 deleted from Uplay accounts. These posts reveal that the games were bought via different third party sellers. G2Play and G2A are popular digital retailers both based out of Hong Kong.

G2Play states on their FAQ:

"All game codes/keys are picked up through major distributors, from their original retail boxes, and scanned up into our database". - Source

Unlike G2Play, G2A is an eBay-like store that resells keys, complete with a referral program and user reviews. The posts by concerned members reveal that the games being removed came from different third party sellers, so the issue is not just with one singular store. Both G2Play and G2A are fairly popular stores, and both are based out of Hong Kong.

Slump3r, a user on the Ubisoft support forums voices his disgust:

This is an outrageous and ridiculous way of doing business. And don't you think as I do, that maybe those people who actually PAY for the game (even though Ubisoft will make a few bucks less in Poland because I bought the game from...I don't know, a...hungarian original retailer), will, in time, in frustration, after that sort of strategy and behaviour, after the way you made people buy not-finished games, will stop buying them at all or keep using less scrupulous retailers to get what they want? And nobody wants that.” - Source

In the open letter, many have come to the support of slump3r and reported the same issue, with a 16 page thread growing by the minute. However, Ubisoft has yet to respond to the issue reported on their own technical support forums. This could mean that Ubisoft is trying to figure out what exactly is going on themselves or that the Public Relations team is currently busy drafting a press statement on the matter.

This is not the first time publishers have cancelled third-party Steam keys, as one can take a look at Devolver Digital who publicly stated last year they would cancel any keys obtained through the G2Play website.

Devolver Digital games purchased on @G2A_com are not legitimate, not guaranteed, and not supported. We are actively canceling those keys.” - Source

Ubisoft has reportedly been advising customers to contact the seller and claims that the license removal is not their fault, yet no official word has been given just yet. I have contacted Ubisoft support for an official comment and will update when/if they respond. Sounds like something Pagan Min would do.


There is a rumor going around the internet at the moment that the keys in question were stolen. Removing or blocking these game keys is standard practice for a publisher. However, so far the rumor seems to be based on the fact that it is a Hong Kong company and that the keys are much cheaper. Be that as it may, the cheaper keys could be due to exchange rates and not a valid reason to be seen as stolen in my opinion. 

If Ubisoft is indeed killing digital copies purchased from third party sites, without warning I might add, this will be just another notch in the Ubisoft failure belt. Last year was bad enough, with the failure of Assassins Creed: Unity as the peak of Ubisoft's disrespect towards the gaming community. Until this mess can be cleared up, I would suggest not purchasing Ubisoft games from third party retailers, as you might lose your game. We will keep you updated as the story breaks.

What do you think about this latest incident? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: G2Play, Reddit, Ubisoft Support

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