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MGMS AW First Recon Tournament - Meet The Teams


The MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) First Recon tournament is set to kick off next week. Registrations are now officially closed.

The First Recon tournament for the MGMS is meant to give us an idea of exactly what the season ahead is set to bring for South African players. Our main goal this year was to increase the amount of participants and by doing so increase the amount of competition between teams. We are happy to announce that we have officially reached our first goal of the year by getting in a total of 32 teams! 

Seeded Teams 

The First Recon Tournament for Advanced Warfare will see a total of 4 seeded teams that will take the 1st, 15th, 16th and 32nd position of the double elimination ladder. These teams have qualified for their positions thanks to making the Top 4 positions at last years MGMS Ghosts Grand Finals.

The teams whom qualified for seeding in order of position are: 

Qualified Teams and Fixtures 

As we stated earlier, we have officially reached 32 qualified teams for the MGMS Master Series for Advanced Warfare. The tournament will be the first that will be played exclusively on the Xbox One. 

Qualified Teams and Players

  1. Astra Infinite
  2. eN F34R
  3. Team Fallen
  4. XeroFracture
  5. Team VaGue
  6. IcoN Nation
  7. VnCo Yellow
  8. High Five
  9. Insane Gaming
  10. Amplified Gaming
  11. Aurora Gaming
  12. Hypnotic Gaming
  13. IINF ZA
  14. Exodus esports Za
  15. RaW GamingZA
  17. inX Gaming
  18. AmPGaming
  19. Erupt Gaming
  20. Team Tsunami
  21. Team Paragon Elite
  22. Ignite Gaming
  23. Speed Gaming
  24. Excel
  25. Mental eSports
  26. M0rZ Gaming
  27. UnVanquished
  28. Team Agency
  29. Syperhero Squad
  30. eXpose eSports
  32. Concept Fusion

A full listing of all the teams with their players can be found here. 

Fixtures and Brackets 

The full list of fixtures for the tournament can be found here. The direct link to the Challonge bracket can be found here. 

Arranging matches

Teams leaders will be contacted today with the personal contact details of their opposition captain. Please remember that there are rules governing the periods in which the matches has to be scheduled and played. See here for the calendar.

Alternatively teams may use the MWEB GameZone forum to arrange matches. Should you have any trouble getting hold of your opposition or any queries in general, we ask you to please use the following thread to post your direct issue. 


  • The ruleset is set to undergo a few minor changes before we kickoff the fixtures of the 12th of January. 
  • The live ruleset can be viewed here. 
  • Be sure to check the full ruleset on the 12th of January as there will be changes. Teams are expected to play with the latest ruleset. 


  • 1st Prize – R3 000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 2nd Prize – R2 000 Kalahari Vouchers
  • 3rd Prize – R1 000 Kalahari vouchers

Ruleset and Frequently Asked Questions 

The rules are subject to change to keep with the international standards. You can check out the full rule set here, as well as any frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or queries please feel free to use our forum

See you server side teams!

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