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Win Counter-Strike: GO Beta Key's


Its Counter-Strike time yet again and MWEB GameZone are distributing 20 exclusive beta keys to our lucky and faithful community members to compliment the first CS:GO dedicated Beta Servers in South Africa.

What do you need to play CS:GO?

You will need an up-to-date version of Steam installed as well as a registered Steam account. – Available here. It also goes without saying that you will need a broad-band internet account to be able to play as well as download the client. (CS:GO Client is approximately 1.5 gigs – Thanks MWEB for uncapped!)

How to enter & stand a chance to win?

Signup or Login and comment below with your name as well as your steam username. All usernames on this post will be entered into the draw.

Entrees will close on Friday the 20th of April at 11:00 AM.

20 entrants will be randomly selected and winners shall be announced here at 1pm.


One entry per person.

Do not click the “Post Comment” link more than once. If you post duplicate comments, the duplicates and the original will be deleted.



Congratulations to the winners, your key will be sent to you via steam - Please accept the friend request from the steam user GamezoneGM - Failing to accept request by Monday, key will be re-distributed Here are the winners: Squeege / S1de_Sw1pe / spastenkopf845 / Boleylix / ReckITT / WaRhammY / AdMortem / BOSSKING / FaffaKnoetze / Machaven / A|t3ri5 / / InDn_Za / GaZZa / d3tained / veggiemonster / Divine / apullz / sikkuj / xRedG




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