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Treyarch teases Call of Duty 2015

The Call of Duty series has seen the first released game of their 3 year development cycle with the recently launched Sledgehammer Games title, Advanced Warfare. The focus now will shift to Treyarch who is set to release the next, still to be announced, Call of Duty title in 2015. The title in question, however, may have had its first leak today as Treyarch have posted an interesting link on their Facebook page. 

Treyarch's Facebook Link

The fan page for Teyarch on Facebook has a had a recent posting that may give us an indication of what we can expect in 2015 for Call of Duty. The post in question had the following quote: 

pearl harbour.jpg 

"December 7, 1941 ...a date which will live in infamy." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. " 

Under the quote was a link to the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The post was done in conjunction with the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, which happened  73 years ago. 

Why is this relevant? 

You may think that this is just a commemorative post from Treyarch, but I have my doubts. The history of the Treyarch fan page doesn't seem to follow the suit of paying homage to historic events that are not directly related to their game. The Facebook page commonly pays reference to Black Ops game history (#ThisdayinBlackOps), related industry events, staff member birthdays and community events. 

The most recent posting has stood out, as it does not tie into what the Facebook fan page has been consistent with in the past. For that reason it has received quite a bit of attention from the Call of Duty community, as the post itself has received over 200 comments and almost 2000 likes in a very short period of time. Most of the comments seem to be sharing the common thought that the posting is not random but indicating what exactly Treyarch has been working on over the past two years. 

Popular Youtuber 'TmarTn' believes next Call of Duty will be a World at War sequel

The question remains as to what game that is, and we seem to think that it may be leading towards another World at War title. 

Why World at War ?

The attack of Pearl Harbor was the event that resulted in the U.S deceleration of war on the Empire of Japan. This lead the United States of America into the second World War. It has been almost 6 years since we played a Call of Duty title that has been based in the period of the second World War. Treyarch's last title that was based on the World War 2 period was 'World at War'. 

World at War has curiously never received a sequel, which is odd for a series that has a trend of bringing out a minimum of two titles under the same name within a development franchise. Whether this speculation ends up being true, remains to be seen. We can only hope that Treyarch manage to keep the franchise progressing with their first shot at a 3 year development cycle. 

Would you be happy if the next Call of Duty is World at War 2? If not, what would you prefer? 

Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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