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rAge 2014 with Far Cry 4

At rAge we also caught up with Ubisoft Narrative Production Manager, Ryan Boyer for a chat about Far Cry 4. We talked about how the game is an improvement over the Far Cry 3, about the main protagonist and of course, about the real star of FC4, Pagan Min. Thanks to Megarom Games for arranging the interview.


Ryan Boyer, Ubisoft Narrative Production Manager. Photo courtesy of Giverny Ives

Tell us more about the main protagonist, Ajay Ghale?

"The main character you play Ajay Ghale grew up as an American after his father died after leaving Kyrat. When his mother passed away, her dying wish was for him to bring her ashes back to Kyrat. When he gets there he's still a fish out of water. When he meets people, they know him and his parents. They know the story. It's interesting for the story on the narrative side. We've also brought in choice for players. You'll have opportunities that impact characters around you. Since you're in a civil war, there will be no easy choice. These are explicit choices."

Can you tell us about one of these choices?

"I can't really, but I'll say this. It's not 'go do this mission' or 'go here'. You're connected to the people around you and what you do will affect them."


One of the complaints about Far Cry 3's protagonist was that he was too much of a 'dudebro saviour', moving between petulance and over masculinity too often. How does Ajay Ghale differ?

"This is someone who was born in the region, and returning to his country. He's seeing that his people who are actively involved with the rebellion against Pagan Min. He sees a side of his family he had no idea existed, and has to decide where stands in all of this. Pagan Min actually recognises him, and there's a connection between Ajay's parents and the villain."

Pagan Min is overshadowed by Vaas, one of the most interesting villains created for a game. How are you improving on that?

"It's always tough to recapture that lightning in a bottle a second time. With Pagan Min, we've managed to capture that. He's different from Vaas in many ways. Vaas is likened to the schoolyard bully type. Whereas Pagan Min is the kind whose nice to your mother, but when she leaves changes completely. He's got a solid backstory. He comes from Hong Kong from a crime lord family and so ambitious that he's chosen to become a country. They have some similarities. In the E3 promo we saw him pulling out his Montblanc pen and killing his own soldiers after the bus got shot up, so the brutality is there."

What are you most excited about for Far Cry 4? The open world, playing as Cole, or meeting Min? Far Cry 4 releases on November 18, you can pre-order it from

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