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Star Wars Battlefront III Xbox 360 Gameplay leaked on YouTube

Last night while the CS:GO pickup servers were being DDoS'd (again) I decided to fire up a game I hadn't played since I was a small gamer with big ambitions: Star Wars Battlefront II. Locked in nostalgia I started imagining how great a new addition with improved graphics would be. Luckily there has been some leaked footage of Battlefront III for Xbox 360 released on YouTube earlier this week. A video posted by Ch0m3xMoDz shows some of this leaked footage. Noting this is pre-alpha footage (since the first leak 2 years ago) I must warn you it has an extremely poor frame rate and is quite buggy.

However, the game does show some combat footage with vehicles as well as some of the campaign. For die hard Star Wars fans this is definitely something to get excited about. I like to think of myself as a die hard fan but I've grown up in the era of great Star Wars video games such as the aforementioned and my personal favourite The Force Unleahsed series.



Originally Battlefront III  was being designed by Free Radical Design which is now know as Crytek UK (hello Crytek Engine). Like some Star Wars games it ended up being canceled, but now news has surfaced that the new Battlefront  will be developed by DICE EA. That should be interesting knowing their history *cough* Battlefield 4 *cough*. EA (unfortunately?) now owns all the rights to Star Wars games and through them the new Battlefront  has been announced.

Even though this is pre-alpha footage of a cancelled game it's always nice to see what was in development. I just hope DICE EA can deliver what Star Wars fans need from the Battlefront series and if they do it right this could be the next best Star Wars game.

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