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Destiny boosts PS4 sales; MS offers flimsy excuse for guarding sales numbers

According to Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara, yesterday's release of Bungie's new sci-fi shared-world shooter, Destiny, has pushed the PlayStation 4's UK sales over the million unit mark.

destiny-white PS4.jpg

Gara told Digital Spy that hardware sales for the PlayStation 4 had slowed down marginally in the two weeks leading up to the launch of Destiny, but once the game landed, sales of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle pushed the console over the edge.

It's literally as the pre-order volume gets shipped and more picked up in the early hours of this morning," he told Digital Spy. "It's that volume - that's quite a chunk - that's what takes us over the line. 

"I'm talking several percentages [of cooling] - but a little bit of hold back in terms of the sell-through in the last two weeks - for obvious reasons. [The Destiny bundle] is a great package at a great price, but you can't have it until midnight. But what are you going to do? You're going to wait, aren't you!"

Gara made a point of noting that the figure related to units sold through to consumers, and not what was shipped to retailers.

"It's quite coincidental - in many senses, we couldn't have planned it better," he said. "We announced PS4, and Bungie and Activision announced Destiny, on the same stage on the same night, February 22 last year - and you roll forward to this week and we break records together, as Destiny is on track to be biggest new IP launch of all time, and PS4 pushes through the million mark in record time. It's almost like we planned it this way."


Xbox One Still Trailing

While Sony is celebrating it's continuing good fortunes, Microsoft was offering a feeble excuse as to why it's no longer revealing it's consoles sales figures.

Microsoft Studios Global Product Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, was asked recently on Twitter why the company no longer reveals the NPD numbers related to their products. His response came across as rather disingenuous.

Xbox-One-Aaron Greenberg Tweet.jpg

Greenbergs assertion that the Northern Hemisphere summer is a slow selling period and therefore it's not worth looking at the numbers is practically the very definition of a lame duck excuse. It's also a tacit admission that the Xbox One one isn't doing as well as Microsoft would like. Greenberg went on to say, that it's the holiday season sales that really count.

At the same time, it should be noted the PlayStation 4 has been on sale for nearly the same amount of time as the Xbox One and the "slow" summer seemed to count just fine for them.

It would have been incredibly refreshing if Greenberg had just come right out and said they're not revealing the NPD numbers because they're not as great as the Microsoft team would like. After all it's not as if that would be revelatory information. Microsoft's last mention of sales figures for the Xbox One was in April when it was revealed that five million units had been shipped to retailers. Since then, it's been all crickets.

Source: Digital Spy

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