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Brace yourselves, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is coming

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After successfully re-jigging the Baldur's Gate series with enhancements for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android, the development team of Beamdog are planning on doing the same thing for another RPG classic. Icewind Dale is coming. 

Of the Infinity Engine games, Icewind Dale and its sequel are probably the least lauded, but that's an unjust perception. The games lower standing is likely a consequence of its lack of focus on story telling and its emphasis on character building, loot-hunting and combat. It's really just a matter of preference really.

Regardless, Icewind Dale is making a return and this time with a number enhancements to boost the experience.

All the Winter Snow

According to the official Icewind Dale website the additions to the Enhanced Edition include:
  • Six expanded quests, featuring content cut from the original game
  • 60 new items
  • Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster expansions
  • 31 new class and kit combinations from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, well as the half-orc playable race
  • 122 new spells carried over from Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • A new "Story Mode" difficulty setting to allow players to experience all of the story with none of the Game Over screens
The second one from the bottom, Cross-platform multiplayer, is of particular interest. 

It's dangerous to go alone

The original versions of the Infinity Engine games all featured multiplayer, but that feature made the most sense with Icewind Dale, where the downplaying of a central character served the mode better. With cross-platform multiplayer, it means you'll be able to play the game with any of your buddies no matter which version they choose. And since this game has a particularly punishing level of challenge, having experienced party members to fight at your side could be crucial.

Icewind Dale will be available for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android, and can be pre-ordered here. The game will set you back R213.

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