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Madison Square Gardens welcomes Dota 2 for the ESL One New York

ESL One is at it again and this time football stadiums are not enough. New York city, The Big Apple, is home to one of the most famous venues for first time performances. In 1898 Nicola Tesla demonstrated the first remote controlled robot using radio control, 1940 the first ever televised Basketball and now Madison Square Gardens plays host to its first ever eSports event, ESL One New York.
In the wake of The International 2014 Dota 2 fans have been starving for that sweet taste left in their mouths after easily one of the greatest eSports events of our time. The wait is over and the stage is set.

ESL One Frankfurt

After an extremely successful event held at the end of June at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, ESL One announced their next endeavour, ESL One New York. ESL One Frankfurt saw over 12,500 spectators in the arena as well as over 500,000 concurrent online viewers spread across multiple language streamed broadcasts. The need to go bigger and better has brought them to the United States and after a successful International 2014 in Seattle it's no surprise Madison Square Gardens will be the battlefield. The announcement, of course, came with one of ESL's "get everyone hyped" promotion videos.

If this doesn't get you all riled up for the competition then I don't know what will.


This promises to be an extremely exciting event as we'll see a few new changes to major teams in the great "post-International shuffle" we see every year. There's been a lot of speculation but more teams are releasing details now of permanent roster changes. The level of Dota 2 is definitely at an all time high and I honestly cannot wait for this tournament to begin. The dates are perfect as well as it ends the same day South Africa's biggest tournament starts giving the guys a fresh new host of strategies and ideas.

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