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League of Legends: Karthus Visual Upgrade


The crew over at Riot, creators of the game League of Legends, are bringing new life to an old character as they have been working around the clock to update one of the longest standing heroes: Karthus. 

Karthus and the Shadow Isle 

While others are bound by the shackles of death, one man embraced the yearning darkness stretching on beyond life’s boundaries. And though he chose to forgo mortality on the lost lands of the Shadow Isles, Karthus has yet been born anew, and drifts now towards the PBE bearing new-found morbid resplendence.

On his release in 2009, Karthus was a champion from the Shadow Isles, or at least created there. Little was known about the Shadow Isle and what role it played in League of Legends. Other Shadow Isle characters such as Elise, Hecarim and Thresh all have been added after their original predecessor, Karthus.  Naturally, the story of the Shadow Isle, the lore and look has developed since Karthus first joined the League of Legends character pool.  That is exactly why Riot has grabbed at the opportunity to add a 2014 spin by visually upgrading one of the favorite heroes of old, by bringing new life to the walking dead. 


Abilities Visual Upgrade 

A Unique Lich

Karthus originally had only nine lines of voice over to convey his character. Now League of Legends has close to 120 champions, and old Karthus simply doesn't meet the expectations when it comes a  developed character. Updating Karthus gave Riot a chance to expand his breadth of character, so he again fills a unique niche. The new Karthus has significantly expanded voice over (over 200 script lines, all voiced by a new actor!) and characterful animations that really nail his personality.

What do you think of the new visual upgrade for Karthus? 

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