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Watch_Dogs character trailer - inked, teched out, deadly

Watch_Dogs just keeps on getting better and better. The latest trailer is all about the characters Aiden hook up with: there's the gorgeously inked  Clara Lille, the eccentric hacker, T-Bone and Jordi Chin, simply known as "the fixer."


Thanks to Lead Story Designer Kevin Shortt, UbiBlog got some inside info on Lille, T-bone and Chin.

Clara Lille

My fascination with ink definitively makes miss Lille my favorite. “She’s a dangerous woman who can weave her way through any system and expose every secret you hide. She might be an ally… but she might just as easily ruin Aiden.”

Aiden meets this mysterious French-Canadian woman early on in the game and they form a deep bond, “She has a bit of a dark secret that she’s holding onto. You’ll find out eventually through the course of the game what that is.”

And she is smoking hot.


Clara Lille reminds me of Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

T-Bone Grady

What can be cooler than a tech-savvy hippie? That's T-Bone for you. “He’s kind of a distracted, crazy guy who’s very tech-savvy,” Shortt says “and T-Bone is key to helping Pearce find the people responsible for hurting his family."   

T-Bone will also be a strong character in the DLC's with his own story-driven, single-player campaign.


T-Bone is not a guy to mess with

Jordi Chin

We've seen enough movies to know what a "fixer" does. He gets rid of all the complications and it's best to ask no questions about the "how". Shortt explains: “Pearce uses him a lot, to the point where they kind of become friends, but they both know they could kill each other if they wanted to. They like each other but it’s strictly business. If Pearce doesn’t pay Jordi the right amount, Jordi will not help him out. He can be quite violent and ruthless in what he does, and yet he’s always got this quirky humor that goes with it. He’s a pretty lovable guy, even as dangerous as he is.”


Whatever the question, Chin is the answer 

You will need friends because, enemies.

“Jordi, T-Bone and Clara are just a high-level shot of some of the people you’ll end up seeing,” Shortt explained. “There are many more.”

Aiden's family will also play a very significant role, “Pearce is determined to find out who’s responsible by any means necessary. He doesn’t know who did it; he only knows his family was seriously hurt. He becomes obsessive about it. His family says, Let it go. We’re moving on. But Aiden can’t.”

In the video above we get a quick look at two other characters – Anthony “Iraq” Wade and Dermot “Lucky” Quinn – who will play important roles. “The people Aiden crosses paths with have an opinion on what he’s doing. Their actions affect how he thinks.”


Watch_Dogs releases on May 27, you can pre-order it from for: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Wii  U, or download it for PC from GamersGate. We drew up a price comparison for you in this article.If you don't own a PlayStation 4 yet, then check out this PS4, Watch_Dogs special from

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