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MWEB GameZone Let's Go Tournament Results

Last night saw the kick off of the semi finals and finals of the Lets Go tournament for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation teams. We had an action packed night as we saw some of South Africa's best competitive Call of Duty players battle it out against one another to try claim the elusive number one spot. 

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The Lets Go tournaments marks the first of the MWEB GameZone Master Series, and will act as the initial seeding for the rest of the series. This means that teams that obtain higher rankings in the Lets Go tournament will see that translated into the MWEB GameZone Master Series Cape Town LAN. The Cape Town LAN will see teams from all around South Africa competing for over R15 000 in total prize value so seeding may be crucial when your trying to take home those amazing prizes. 

So with it all to play for on Sunday evening we saw the night divided by two platforms, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 teams were lined up to kick off the first games of the evening, and with tension in the air the teams didn't dissapoint. 

PlayStation 3 Results 


Opulence Dues Vs Team xQuisite (Semi Final)

Kicking off the night we went straight into the semi finals of the evening, the first of which was Team Opulence Deus taking on Team xQuisite. Both teams seemed to take a nervous start to the first few minutes of the game as both teams struggled to come out of the gates with any noticeable force. That being said, Team Opulence Dues did manage to break the slow start first by winning the first half of domination on StrikeZone. They then turned the that first half win into a tight strangle hold on the rest of the game. The momentum and pure gunskill from the Opulence team was too much for Team xQuisite as Opulence rolled out a 3-0 victory over their counter parts. 

 Cryptic Vs Royal Nation (Semi Final) 

Cryptic Vs Royal Nation would be our first streamed match of the evening. The two teams were not prepared to give one another an inch, but there had to be one winner that would see themselves move to the finals to face Opulence Dues. Both teams exchanged pleasantries before the match kicked off, but there was a subtle undertone of tension as the player knew what was at stake. Early on Cryptic managed to take the lead, thanks to some great break play. This lead was then stabilized thanks to a great team performance, but it must be said that Cryptic_Flyz was the man that Team Cryptic could rely on as managed to drop huge numbers map after map. This dominance translated in to an overwhelming victory for the Cryptic squad who progressed into the finals to face Opulence Dues.  

Opulence Dues Vs Cryptic (Finals) 

This would be the fist time that Opulence Dues would be tested as we kicked off the domination on Sovereign where Cryptic were coming out guns blazing. The Opulence Deus squad had little reply in the early stages of the game, but thanks to a heroic performance by Opulence Quick they managed to claw their way back into the game as at half time Cryptic had a very tight 1 point lead. The second half went into Opulence's favor as once again Opulence Quick performed to the top of his ability, he was also joined by Opulence Velocity who also managed to drop big numbers in the second half.  Opulence took the second half by more than 30 points to take the map and the lead in the best of 5 series. 

Moving on to the second map we would see Search and Destroy on Frieght, where Cryptic managed to take the fist round due to some slack play by Opulence who seemed to completely forget to plant the bomb besides their numerical advantage. That being said, Opulence's mistakes were few and far between for the rest of that map as they managed to take the win 6-2, meaning that they were only 1 map from claiming the PS3 #LetsGo tournament championship. 

Moving on to the third map, we would be playing some blitz on Octane. Both teams started off with a tight beginning phase as they simultaneously managed to grab two early caps. Opulence, however, managed to use those caps to gain better map control. That map control is what decimated the Cryptic team as they couldn't rotate to their base quickly enough to stop the Opulence team from capping. Opulence managed to keep their advantage all the way into the closing stages of the map. The score at the end of Blitz was 21-14 in favor of Opulence Dues who were crowed as the first winners of the #LetsGo tournament for PlayStation 3. 

Xbox 360 Results 


Adept Youth Vs Opulence (Semi Final) 

In a match that was hotly anticipated, Team Opulence would be taking on Adept Youth. Both teams were extremely familiar with one another and were ready to lock horns in an epic struggle to get into the finals to face the undefeated tournament champions,Team Adept. Going into the first map, the two teams couldn't be separated as after 10 minutes of gameplay the two teams were tied on total score, meaning that they would have to replay the map. This wasn't the last time these two team tied up a map, as the exact same thing happened in a their game of Blitz where some last second caps from both teams secure the tie. Overall the game could of swung into either of the two team favor but it was Opulence who showed the most consistency to progress into the finals. 

Team Adept Vs Opulence (Finals) 

The first map we would kick off the match on was on Octane, where we would be playing some domination. Early on in the game Opulence managed to get three quick kills to gain the advantage but it was largely thanks to Adept Fearless whom managed to reply with two quick kills of his own to regain some map control. Team Adept then used that map control to regain the lead by 7 points in the first half. In the second half, Adept once again showed some great control to take the early lead. Opulence were not ready to roll over that easy, as halfway through the second half they stepped in up another gear and managed to gain control of the B flag. They then held it, with some remarkable control, to shut down Adept and take the first map. 

Going onto the second map, we would see some Search and Destroy on Warhawk. A game that is usually dominated by defense, turned out to be exactly the opposite as the first four rounds of the offensive team was taken to draw the scores up at 2 a piece. Adept managed to secure the first defensive round, which played into their favor. They used this to separate themselves from the competition to hold out and win the map 6-4. 

Tied up at 1 a piece in total map count, we would be moving to the third map of some Bltz on Freight. Opulence managed to roll out with a hugely aggressive start to the map that translated to them taking the first half of the game 12 captures to Team Adepts 8.  Team Adept couldn't find the foothold they needed as Team Opulence constantly had three players in their home Blitz point. That resulted in Team Opulence taking the third map 28-20, meaning that they were potentially only one map away from taking the Xbox Lets Go title. 

The fourth map would see the teams competing on Strikezone domination. Team Opulence had momentum on thier side, and they managed to translate that momentum into an early lead as they had a 36 point lead after the first half. Team Adept were looking down a dark tunnel with the light seemingly getting dimmer on their tournament life. Cometh the hour cometh the man, and that man would be Adept Fearless whom managed to completely out slay the Opulence squad. This allowed Adept to get back into the game with 1 minute left on the clock, Team Adept were now only 10 points away from the Opulence score. Unfortunately for Adept, they couldn't hold on to the lead as Opulence regain a bit of control that shut down Adepts comeback attempt. Team Opulence therefor came out on top to claim the number one spot and the number one seed for the next Call of Duty MWEB GameZone Master Series tournament. 


Xbox 360

1st Place:

  • 4 x Gunnar Wi-Five Espresso 
  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

2nd Place: 

  • 4 x R350 Kalahari Vouchers

3rd Place: 

  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

PlayStation 3

1st Place:

  • 4 x Gunnar PPK Onyx Mercury   
  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

2nd Place: 

  • 4 x R350 Kalahari Vouchers

3rd Place: 

  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

Gunnar Wi-Five Espresso 

S61272-C001RX_onyx_l - Copy.jpg 

Compact. Subtly shaped into a low profile lens configuration, GUNNAR Wi-FIVE computer glasses give an optimal viewing experience on a small-mass chassis. Finally, a fast forward button for your eyes. 

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Gunnar PPK Onyx Mercury   


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Social Media 

Throughout the entirety of this the MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master series we will be using the hashtag #MGMSGhost to follow the tournament progress. We will also be making our announcements in relation to the hashtag as well as via our Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to follow for the most up to date information regarding the #MGMSGhost Lets Go tournament. 

A big shout to Gunnar and ZombieGamer for sponsoring the tournament, give them a like and follow by hitting them up below. 

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Did you manage to watch the tournament live? What do you think about the results of the tournament? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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