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MWEB GameZone Let's Go Tournament Semi Finals and Finals

The Lets Go tournament is well underway, and we are into the final stages of the competition as teams across South Africa will be competing for their chance to be the first winner of a MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master Series Tournament. Today we will be taking a look at the semi finals and finals of the tournaments, by outlining the times of the streams and games to be played.  

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Semi Finals and Finals 

The semi finals and finals of the Lets Go tournament will be played on the 23rd of March, where the best teams from PlayStation 3 will and Xbox 360 will competing in their respective brackets. Up first on the day will be the teams from the PlayStation 3 bracket, followed by the Xbox 360 teams. 

PlayStation 3 Semi Finals: 

  • Game 1:  16:00
  • Game 2:  16:00 

Xbox 360 Semi Finals:

  • Game 1:  17:30
  • Game 2:  17:30

PlayStation 3 Finals and 3rd place playoff: 

  • Finals: 19:00 
  • 3rd and 4th Playoff: 19:00 

Xbox 360 Finals and 3rd place playoff:

  • Finals: 20:30
  • 3rd and 4th Playoff: 20:30 

All matches are according to SAST


Streaming of the finals will be brought to you directly from the MCave at the MWEB Gamezone offices, and hosted by Holden ZA who will be supplying running commentary in the finals of both platforms. We would like to invite those who are interested in supplying commentary of the semi final matches to contact or via twitter. Shoutcasters must be willing to travel to the MCave to get in on the action. 

Streaming of the matches will be done via the as well as the MWEB events stream. Both links are below: 


Xbox 360

1st Place:

  • 4 x Gunnar Wi-Five Espresso 
  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

2nd Place: 

  • 4 x R350 Kalahari Vouchers

3rd Place: 

  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

PlayStation 3

1st Place:

  • 4 x Gunnar PPK Onyx Mercury   
  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

2nd Place: 

  • 4 x R350 Kalahari Vouchers

3rd Place: 

  • 4 x R250 Kalahari Vouchers 

Gunnar Wi-Five Espresso 

S61272-C001RX_onyx_l - Copy.jpg 

Compact. Subtly shaped into a low profile lens configuration, GUNNAR Wi-FIVE computer glasses give an optimal viewing experience on a small-mass chassis. Finally, a fast forward button for your eyes. 

[Get them now] 

Gunnar PPK Onyx Mercury   


Head to head with anyone, anywhere, anytime. For those that choose precision, GUNNAR PPK is the weapon of choice. Built with our patented lens technology, PPK helps you overpower those endurance sessions in front of the digital screen, giving longevity a new definition. Medium sized with medium lens coverage, PPK fits a wide range of faces. Game faces, that is.

[Get them now] 

Social Media 

Throughout the entirety of this the MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master series we will be using the hashtag #MGMSGhost to follow the tournament progress. We will also be making our announcements in relation to the hashtag as well as via our Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to follow for the most up to date information regarding the #MGMSGhost Lets Go tournament. 

A big shout to Gunnar and ZombieGamer for sponsoring the tournament, give them a like and follow by hitting them up below. 

Holden's Twitter  MWEB GameZoneTwitter Facebook

ZombieGamer Twitter Facebook / Gunnar Twitter | Facebook | Website

If you have any questions or need help with anything related to the tournament, please feel free to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook. You can also keep in contact by using the comment section below. 

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