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[UPDATED] Titanfall cancelled in South Africa

A few minutes ago, local PC clan, SS Clan, brought it under our attention that his Titanfall pre-order has been cancelled by Origin, the reason, poor performance rates from South Africa.


This is going to unleash a mad horde from SA as many gamers have pre-ordered Titanfall from various retailers. We tested the performance of Titanfall in the Beta and found that the game played really well. Many of our readers also gave feedback that the game was running smoothly.

"Even with the very high pings (I averaged about 180ms), the game was still extremely enjoyable, which makes it easy to give a proper insight into what you can expect." James Wernich, MWEB GameZone Beta Feedback.

Desmond Kurz, MWEB GameZone Online Gaming Manger, also tested Titanfall. He shed some light on the possible high ping some players from South Africa experienced.

"Some of the Titanfall traffic was being picked up as P2P when we were monitoring traffic on the game, so when updates are done (which is probably the P2P traffic), it might drag your traffic down a bit. We've mapped the game connection info though and added it to the gaming signatures, so certainly on an MWEB connection, all the Titanfall traffic should the top priority on the network that gaming normally gets. Not on MWEB, you might expect a little lag after updates."

We have to question the validity of the tests done by Origin. We've contacted Electronic Arts South Africa regarding the cancellation and we will keep you updated on the progress.



We've received the official reply from regarding all Titanfall orders:

"We can confirm that we will cancel and refund all orders."

If you used a voucher to purchase Titanfall, the voucher will also be refunded, if..

"If the voucher is still valid (it was not bought by stacking vouchers) then it will still be refunded."

1) We received the official EA response:

After conducting recent online tests for Titanfall, we found that the performance rates in South Africa were not as high as we need to guarantee a great experience, so we have decided not to release Titanfall in South Africa at this time.

We understand this is a disappointment for local fans and will keep fans posted on any future plans regarding the release of Titanfall in South Africa

Let us all mourn, EA, prepare for the mad horde

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Flash Hazardous took it upon himself to petition Respawn Entertainment to give South Africa servers. This is not a bad idea, since it looks like Australia is getting Azure data centers later this year. Head on over to here and put your name down!

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