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MWEB GameZone Call of Duty: Ghosts Scrim ladder Opens

Need a place to help you get as much game time as possible against other South African Call of Duty:Ghosts teams? Well, not to worry because MWEB GameZone has you covered. Today will mark the launch of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Scrim ladder for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 


Scrim Ladder

A 'scrim' is the gaming term for an online game between two or more teams. In the Call of Duty:Ghosts Scrim ladder teams will go head to head against one another to try get as much practice as possible during the length of the competitive season.  The Scrim ladder will be open to anyone that wants to join during the entirety of the season for both Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3.

When Does the Ladder Open

The ladder is currently open but matches are only allowed to commence on the 13th of January. Any team that logs results before then will be removed from the ladder. 



 The Rules will be populated on the 13th of January, make sure to check them out here for Xbox 360 and here for PlayStation 3. 

How to enter

Make sure that you have registered first by going to the site here

Once registered, entering a team is really easy, please select your console choice below : 

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3 

Click Join ladder, and your in! 

Once you have joined the ladder, make sure to to invite at least 3 team mates before arranging matches.

If your struggling make sure to check out these two links below:  


As mentioned earlier, this tournament is all about trying to get the Call of Duty:Ghosts South African community to play against one another, and find as many teams as possible. Prizes, thus, have been excluded and the ladder will be used for local teams to find one another and play under a competitive standard. 

For any information regarding the ladders please feel free to comment below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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