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Top 10 PC Case Mods Ever

I have to admit, I really really admire the people that build these cases. This workmanship takes many hours to do and the people that do them are artists. Of course, I am also overwhelmed with jealousy, because I also want a computer case that is as awesome as these examples.

1.  R2D2 Budget Mod PC Case by Frenk Janse

Its in number one position because I am a total Star Wars fan...and that inner Star Wars nerd looks at this case and makes a small leap over to the Dark Side "I must have this, yes, its my precious". Oh wait. Ok, Gollum could so be a Sith.


You can read about the fulll process here, but you might be surprised to learn that this case started its life as a trash can.

2. AMD Guitar PC mod by Bods Mods

So, aside from being a Star Wars fan, I quite enjoy music and when I saw this guitar case that had been modded into a PC case, I had to include it in this list.

AMD Guitar PC.jpg 

The case was commissioned by AMD with Bods Mods, who did a remarkable job in making these very unique PCs. You can marvel at their other creations on their website.

3. L3p d3sk by Peter Brands

When I saw this PC mod, I thought this is what my desk should look like. I don't know what a L3p is, but I'll take it.

l3p d3sk.JPG

Its so elegant to have the PC actually built into the desk. You can check out more pics of this beautiful mod on Peter's case modding website.

4. The Flightline case by Jeffrey Stephenson

I am very much a fan of the "Art Deco"  period, so this case really appealed to me. Its very much a work of art that turns a PC into a beautiful, unobtrisuve addtion to your home.


Jeffrey Stephenson does some other amazing "retro"  style cases that you really need to check out on his website.

5. The Tron Lightcycle by Bods Mods

'Cause every kid who watched the movie would want one. Admit it.


Unsurprising that this case won Cooler Master's annual modding competition in 2011. Check out the pics and specs here.

6. Pyramid by Henk Hamers

Aside from this being a truly amazing bit of art, forget their being a computer inside, there is something about meshing hi-tech with something ancient like a pyramid.


You view more pictures on the making of this amazing case here.

7.  Sputnik 0667 by Love Hulten

Love your work, Love. Staying on this retro feel, the amazing woodwork on this case really makes it stand out.


Make sure you check out Love Hulten's website, there is an array of some amazing work that has been done integrating woodwork with hi-tech. Check out the amazing gaming console below also done by the same gentleman:


8.  Dark Blade by G69T

Winner of "Mod of the Year"  at bit-tech in 2006, this case screams out "this computer will kick your a$$" and that is what I love about it.


This was an amazing project that was extensively covered when it came out. You read about this beauty here.

9.  Steampunked TJ11 by Shane Fuga

I love the look and feel of the Steampunk genre and this PC case mod really captures it well. The detail on the case is absolutely mind-blowing.


The genre has become quite popular again in recent times, especially with games like Dishonored and BioShock Infinite. In fact, if you like Steampunk games, you can find a full list here. For more information on this case, you can go to this website.

10. WMD by Peter Dickinson

Doesn't that name say it all? I was just imaging the scenario of trying to get this PC onto an airplane and chuckling to myself.


Its a pretty famous case mod and you can read about it in-depth here.

In case you felt inspired to get involved in case modding, this is NOT how you do it:


Seriously though, if you have some impressive examples of case modding that you would like show off, please post your picture or links in the comments below. Also, if you want to help out other potential case modders, feel free to post links to sites selling case modding stuff like:

  1. Carbonite
  2. High End Custom PC Mods

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