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Review: Nexa Orion 10.1 Tablet – Affordability Meets Quality

Delivering a top quality gaming experience, with a smooth solid design and powerful hardware - this is the Nexa Orion 10.1 in one line. The tablet claims to be a mobile device that delivers world class gaming and computing performance while at the same time being a very affordable piece of equipment and manages to do just that as the tablet is packed with powerful hardware and features, delivering a wonderful 10 inch mobile gaming experience at a low price.

  orion extra.jpg

The tablet is Wi-Fi only, available in either black or white, has a two year swop-out warranty. It comes with an AC charger, a USB cable, user manual and an OTG adaptor while a Mini-HDMI cable, USB charging cable and a folder-style carry case can be added as optional extras.The Orion 10.1 retails for only R3,295.00, so it definitely has the affordability down, but does it live up to its claims of being a high quality product as well? Today, I will answer this question by looking at the hardware, mobile gaming experience, image and sound quality, camera quality and web browsing as well as the Operating System (OS) to see just how good it is.

The Hardware – Powerful Mobile Gaming Performance

When I first picked up the tablet I instantly noticed its weight of 672g and how well designed and solid the exterior is. Inside the sturdy design is some powerful hardware, namely a Quad Core CPU running at 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, a GC1000 GPU and 16 GB of internal storage space that should deliver a great mobile gaming experience.

  Image 1.jpeg

Eager to test out the gaming performance, I installed one of the most graphically demanding mobile games I could think of, a game which I recently reviewed on my Galaxy S2, Dead Trigger 2. The tablet delivered jaw dropping graphics without breaking a sweat, as I saw absolutely no lag or even the slightest frame right drop with high quality settings enabled. The GPU showed its strengh with mouth watering bloom, lightning and water effects while the stereo speakers created an immersive gaming experience.

image 2.jpeg

Combat in both Dead Trigger 2 and Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman, a game which rewards fast reactions, felt wonderful on the tablet as the touch screen was extremely responsive. Not once did I feel as if the device let me down during intense combat situations, which is a very important attribute of a mobile gaming device that the Orion 10.1 delivers exceptionally well.

With a high capacity 8,000 mAh battery, the tablet takes around 6 hours to fully charge and allows for up to 8 hours of video playback and 300 hours of standby. While gaming, especially in graphically intensive games such as Dead Trigger 2, the battery lasts about 5 hours. Thankfully, you can connect the AC charger which has a 3 meter long cable to charge while you play as the battery charges faster than even the most graphically demanding game can drain it, which is just wonderful as you can continue with a beautiful, smooth gaming experience when close to a power outlet.  

Display and Sound Quality

The 10.1 inch display looks absolutely brilliant with its High Definition (HD) resolution of 1280x800 which makes watching a YouTube video, reading an eBook or looking at images an immense pleasure. The Orion 10.1 incorporates IPS technology, allowing you to view the tablet screen from 180 degrees while still maintaining great picture quality at skewed angles. I generally refrain from reading books on a mobile device as my eyes get sore very quickly, but with the Orion 10.1 I managed to read all The Walking Dead graphics novels this past week without any such issues.

Image 3.jpeg

The high fidelity stereo speakers on the back of the tablet perform very well, delivering top quality sound which is both clear and loud enough to watch pretty much any video, music or play all types of games while maintaining a wonderful audio experience.

Camera Quality and Web Browsing

Camera quality in relation to taking photos is something I do not really care about too much on a tablet; especially a 10.1 inch as positioning the tablet to take photos is a cumbersome process. However, using a tablet to Skype with friends is an important aspect. The Orion 10.1 has a front facing 1.3MP camera for self shots and Skype as well as a 2MP rear camera for taking photos and videos of your surroundings.

Image 4.jpg 

Unfortunately, both the front and rear cameras do not deliver photo or video of a high quality, yet they still do their job well enough in my opinion as video chat on Skype was smooth, albeit a bit low in quality. The camera interface is very easy to use and switch between front / rear views as it took me less than 20 seconds to take a photo of my cat and another 20 seconds to share it to all my Facebook friends, which is of course internet tradition.

  Image 5.jpeg

Browsing websites, such as MWEB GameZone and reading some great gaming news on the Orion 10.1 is a smooth experience as images are crisp and clear while text is easy to read. Scrolling up and down quickly does not cause any display lag and websites open quickly while uploading an image of my cat on Facebook is extremely fast thanks to the user friendly experience the OS provides.

The Operation System and Ease of Use

The Orion 10.1 runs on Android 4.1 also known as Jelly Bean, an OS which is both user friendly and immensely customizable at the same time. During a week of intense usage, the OS did not crash once, not even requiring a restart or displaying any errors. The OS has everything you would expect from Android with regards to settings, a customizable desktop and widgets which you can add or remove to further personalize your tablet as well as some added extras from Nexa.

  Image 6.jpeg

Nexa Satelite protects your device from intruders, keeping your data safe while the Nexa Android Guide teaches the first time user everything they want to know about the OS and even showed me some new tricks, so it is sufficed to say that the guide covers everything you would possibly need to know about Android as a first time user.

Image 7.jpeg

Nexa Learn is for me, the best addition to the OS that the Orion 10.1 has. The app acts as a gateway for new users to find apps that perform important tasks such as navigation and translating, eBook readers and much more. For seasoned Android users, this app still becomes useful as it guided me to apps I use on my phone faster than I could search for them on the Playstore, making the Orion 10.1 a very user friendly Android device.

Closing thoughts

The Orion 10.1 is an impressive mobile device that delivers exceptional performance in even the most demanding mobile games. It has a wonderful HD display and high quality stereo speakers that deliver a great mobile experience while watching movies, browsing websites, listening to music or reading eBooks. The OS and added extras from Nexa create a very user friendly experience which new users will find extremely helpful.

The only fault I could find was with regards to the poor quality of the camera. However, the tablet is in my opinion, a great piece of hardware that I highly recommend for anyone who would like a 10 inch mobile gaming device and comes at a very affordable price while being a well rounded, high quality product.    

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