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Local Indie Game, Stasis, gets a Kickstarter

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It not always obvious, but video games do actually get developed in South Africa. Case in point, Indie developer Christopher Bischoff started a Kickstarter last week looking to raise $100,000 so that he can complete his isometric sci-fi horror game, called Stasis. And the project isn't some fly by nighter taking a chance to score some free money. Johannesburg-based Bischoff has poured a few years into the project already and it is looking quite polished as it is, even though it's unfinished.

The game's Kickstarter describes it as:

Stasis is a 2D isometric, point-and-click adventure game for PC Windows, set in the distant future on a desolate spacecraft. John Maracheck must interact and solve puzzles to save his family, while uncovering horrific experimentation, illicit research and an ever deepening mystery.

I interviewed Chris, last week on 2Oceans Vibe Radio about the genesis of this game, his hopes for the Kickstarter campaign and what he hopes to achieve with it. You can check the the full interview with Chris above. And when you done there go check out his Kickstarter and give the guy some support.

Apologies for sound quality. Construction near the studio impacted on the shows recording.

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