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Retail PlayStation 4's already malfunctioning

With the imminent release of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), some consumers have begun receiving their consoles a day early through various competitions. Some of these early units seem to be Dead on Arrival (DoA) while others malfunction after a few hours of use.

Stephen Totilo from Kotaku was one of the first to report the PS4’s hardware problems in his ongoing review of the console by saying:

Aside from all this online stuff, there's one other awkward detail that I can't accurately assess at this moment. It's this: the first retail PS4 we got from Sony didn't work. Now, please, don't panic. It's impossible to tell how much of a fluke this was or whether this is the canary in a coal mine of pending PS4 hardware troubles.” - Source

Stephen mentioned that they tested three pre-release PS4 units and they worked perfectly, but that the first retail console they received failed to work, though the author hoped this was an anomaly.

More reports start rolling in

Unfortunately, several reports of faulty, non-functional PS4 units swarmed social media sites hours later, as more and more consumers started receiving their early retail units. One such user, Arogon, who won the PS4Play the Future First” competition hosted by Taco Bell, received a console which was DoA. The console would not turn on; instead there was a pulsing blue light (the light should glow white) and would not output to the television. This user uploaded a detailed explanation of what happened on here.

image 2.jpg

IGN also experienced this issue, but it started after the retail PS4 was running perfectly for awhile and then stopped working during the Version 1.50 update. IGN proceeded to contact Sony regarding the incident:

IGN received a response from Sony PlayStation PR, whose offices are based nearby our San Francisco headquarters. A representative was able visit and replace our broken PS4 with the goal of getting their hands on the seemingly faulty console and returning it for technical investigation. We should note, this retail system is a critical part of our ongoing review and launch coverage. We know what you’re thinking by now: IGN got its system replaced and this poor consumer didn't. Trust us, we feel just as compassionate as anyone would in this situation. IGN reached out to PlayStation again to ask if they could escalate Arogon’s issue.” - Source

image 3.jpg

A report came in from “yearsoflove” on Reddit where the user explained his story of his DoA PS4 and detailed his experience including a response from Sony’s support team. Another user shared his experience with the PS4 controller on Reddit after ten days of use, while one user on NeoGAF reported his controller stopped working altogether during the Battlefield 4 installation process.

Closing thoughts

I can not help but remember the Red Ring of Death (RROD) incident many years ago from the Xbox 360. I believe it is definitely too early to tell if the Blue Light of Death (BLOD) will become a widespread problem for PS4 consumers or if this is truly just a few isolated incidents. With the official release of the PS4 in the US tomorrow, we will soon find out.

Do you think the problem will be widespread or will it just be a few rare cases? How much of an impact will it have on the next-gen console war? Will you be buying a PS4 when it launches in South Africa? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Sources: Kotaku

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