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Clash of the Titles: Battlefield 4 vs COD:Ghosts

It had been written in the stars that one day the two greatest first-person-shooters of our time would go head to head against one another in an unforgettable battle to determine who had the finest soldiers. These soldiers would find themselves geared and prepped for warfare at the MWEB MCave on the 8th of November. Which title had the elite sodlier....Battlefield or Call of Duty?


The soldiers were enlisted through a selection process that required participants to enter for a Golden Ticket and the  chance to represent their platform and game of choice. Many entered but not all found themselves with an invitation to the battle that was ready to unfold. As the participants checked into the venue, they were assigned to their teams. Once assigned, they were then issued their gear that represented their team for the evening. Both sets of players were issued neck balaclavas where the Call of Duty: Ghosts players were given black ones to match their beanies, and the Battlefield 4 players were issued camouflage peak caps and matching neck balaclavas.

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Just after 6pm almost all the players were ready for battle, and so the field orders for the night were handed over to the players. The competition for the evening would be divided into two sections. The first segment would be the 'free-for-all', where all attendees of the event would be allowed to participate in the match. This meant that their would be two 15 minute halves, where the first 15 would be played on Call of Duty: Ghosts and the next 15 on Battlefield 4. The second section of the competition would be exclusive to the competitive squads for the evening. The teams would play 1 map of each game (Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts) against one another to determine whom was the ultimate group of soldiers. 

Kicking off we started with the free-for-all match ups, where we kicked off the matches on Call of Duty:Ghosts were the soldiers battled on the game mode Search & Destroy. Setting off to a surprising start the Battlefield teams took the first maps on both the PC and Xbox 360, however, the Ghosts were not ready to stand down and they fought their way back. At the end of the accumulated 15 minutes the Ghosts team were in the lead 3 maps to 2. 


The announcement then was made and we moved over to Battlefield 4, where our next 15 minute showdown would take place on the new mode 'Defuse'. Clearly feeling at home, the Battlefield 4 soldiers surged into an frenetic start as they picked off the Call of Duty players with ease. At the end of the free-for-all round the Battlefield 4 crew took the lead in the competition as we moved on to the squad side of the event, but not before the attendees were issued with piping hot pizzas. 


Rolling into the squad section of our competition, the Battlefield 4 crew had a narrow lead of only one map. The Ghosts, however, were not ready to stand down as the manage to keep the score balanced,of two maps a piece,after the round of Battlefield was completed. This meant that the Battlefield crew still maintained their one map advantage that they picked up from the free-for-all section. 

Moving on to the Call of Duty section, the matches were extremely close and it looked like the advantage that the Battlefield 4 soldiers gained would carry them through to take the title. As the last game of the console segment ended so we were left to the last match on PC. The overall score was 7-6 on map count in favor of the Battlefield soldiers. So the final round of search and destroy would either grant the Battlefield team the win or a loss would potentially cause a draw for both teams. The match ended up being so close that both teams were tied all the way to the last round. In what ended up being one of the closest matches of the night, the Ghosts narrowly pulled out the win. 


Once all the games had been played, all the remaining soldiers regrouped to hear the final announcement of the evening. It turned out that the teams could not be separated and the Battlefield and Call of Duty soldiers  were named as equals! Both groups valiantly defending their titles and both celebrating in what was an unforgettable evening.

In what was one of the most fun and competitive nights of the year, the Clash of the Titles proved one thing and that is no matter where your gaming loyalties lie, it is that when you play to have fun that everyone wins. 


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