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COD: Ghosts - a below average game yet review-proof


Doug Creutz is an analyst for Cowen & Company; and he has some interesting opinions regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts. Mr Creutz believes that the Call of Duty franchise has become increasingly “review-proof”. He states that media reviews of the annually released titles within said franchise will have no effect on the sales of the game.

Call of Duty: Ghosts currently has a 74% rating on and a user score of 2.1, which is pretty bad to say the least, however these reviews came out too late to influence pre-order or pre-sales figures.

Mr Creutz stated:

"We think CoD has become such an embedded franchise that it is somewhat review-proof. We think of CoD as being like EA's Madden NFL, which continues to sell similar unit numbers year in and year out, regardless of reviews; Madden's Metacritic has ranged as low as 78 in recent years.”

He also said that it was unlikely for new Call of Duty titles to receive high review scores as media reviewers are getting bored with the game that changes very little from title to title:

"Given that CoD changes only incrementally from year to year, we think reviewers have become increasingly less likely to give very high review scores due to a certain degree of ennui with the franchise."

So what are the repercussions for gamers? One hopes that Activision won’t start taking us for gullible fools and producing games that lack even further in quality because we’ll by them anyway.

Or maybe they’ve started doing that already. It surely seems like it when you read some of the metacritic reviews:

metacritic reviews.jpg


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