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First Impressions GTA Online: Our virtual playground

GTA Online has been out for little over 2 days now, which has allowed the crew over at Rockstar Games a chance to get some glitches fixed that plagued the failure at launch. Some of the issues have been resolved, as I actually managed to get some game time in, but there is still a ton of glitches scattered around the Los Santos Online world. Today I will be giving you my hands on first impression as we take a look at GTA Online

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Stepping to the Online world of GTA, you are faced to complete one of the most painful process I have yet to come across in a game: the tutorial. The reason being is that Rockstar has attempted to make the tutorial a process where you team up with other online newbies to learn the game, which sounds fantastic. The problem is that this is no small game, so what has resulted is a bottleneck of players trying to get into a game which has presumably caused most of the starting issues. 

Once the tutorial phase is completed you will find that you have been thrown into a city with up to 16 other players. You might not realize this until you turn around a  corner to find a player ready to gun you down. Unfortunately for me, I didn't survive my first encounter as I got taken out by a player riding a bmx. Revenge is a dish best served cold, so I found that BMX rider and drove over him in my SUV, letting the revenge build up, I then took his bicycle for myself. For the next 45 minutes we had this back and forth battle over the BMX bike, that resulted in so many little hilarious moments as we tried to out think one another in our attempts to steal the bike back. Eventually it all ended when I decided that I would fly a chopper into him and unfortunately for me I missed.   

Eventually after all the shenanigans, of which there were many, I got to play some missions with some friends. These are the lifeblood in earning cash in GTA Online, and are always more fun with the more online players you have with you. I wouldn't say that the missions are overwhelmingly mind blowing thus far, but I will say that it is the online factor that makes them special. Rescuing you team mate, or accidentally killing them is what makes this fun. After each successful mission you will receive some cash, reputation point and a slight increase in rank. Where earning cash might seem like the obvious main goal, I'd like to think that it comes a far second on the list to actually experiencing some fun and unique events with some online friends. 

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Online is a completely different ball game to the campaign as the unpredictability of what is going to happen next is what keeps your attention for hours on end. 

I believe that its the personal moments that make GTA V amazing,  where you interact with other players to experience something completely out of the ordinary. GTA Online allows you to have another level of creativity when playing with players due to the diverse amount of activities that you can find yourself doing. The Online might have teething issues, but I say stick with it because once you get a hold of the online world you are not going to want to leave to quickly. 

Please share your GTA Online moments with us, we would love to hear them! Do so by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.

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