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Why MWEB should invest in console gamers

MWEB, huge plea here. Why should MWEB invest in console gaming server. Well for one, consoles are taking over the market slowly but surely as we all know. I am one of them, as my PC died a horrible death after giving me much joy over its 5 year lifespan. However, I cannot spend 10k on upgrading my system with a new motherboard, graphics card and RAM.

I decided to get my self a new XBOX 360 gaming console. I really enjoy playing FPS on console, especially Battlefield 3 and MW3. One thing that ticks me off is the international lag that we all suffer from when playing online on the XBOX live service.

What would be absolutely awesome is if MWEB was to host ranked/unranked servers for these awesome games for the consoles. LAGless games would be a real treat to us console gamers. Even though we like the company of some US gamers, it does get a bit much when we try and dominate them with our huge lag. Possible but improbable I guess.

What we need here in South Africa is a shard to host our own games, and even so, host games that are well balanced. I hate getting pwned with a dude that has explosive rounds in his shotgun, so unfair!

So my plea here is to MWEB to help us out and get us motivated to take the step to further console gaming in this country. Please leave any constructive criticism in the comments below.

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