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South Australian Attorney General says Australian age ratings aren't strict enough


Back in June, I wrote about the Australian Ratings Classifications Board and their somewhat silly attempts to censor the games Saints Row 4 and State of Decay. The former was denied an age rating in Australia (ie it was banned) as the game contains an anal probe weapon that the Board gfelt “implied sexual violence that is interactive.” The latter was hit with the ban hammer because it contained “the option of self-administering a variety of ‘medications’ throughout gameplay.”

Saints Row 4 has since been unbanned after the game’s developers removed some of the game’s original content.

Now, it has been announced that South Australian Attorney General, John Rau has told the Australian Broadcasting Network that the legislation regarding the country’s new video game age classification, 18+ (which was introduced in January 2013) is not being applied properly and that the age rating process needs to be examined further by the Australia’s policy makers. However, his words were not intended to present the complete imbecility of the way games are classified – he in fact thinks that the Classification Board should be more stringent in the way they apply age restrictions to games.


Referring to games like Killer is Dead, The Walking Dead and Atlus’s God Mode, Rau said:

"It is concerning to me, particularly as a parent, when I see that 13 games have been released in Australia as MA15+ whilst exactly the same game attracts up to an R18+ classification overseas.”

He stated that he will refer his concerns to the government and wants the Australian federal Attorney-General, George Brandis, to look into the way that the Classification Board rates games:

"If the standards are not more rigorously applied I will be referring each of these games to the South Australian Classification Council for review."

The rules are strict and it looks like they will only get stricter.


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