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Win a Golden Ticket to the Cape Town FIFA 14 Launch - Updated with winners


MWEB GameZone and Electronic Arts are excited to announce the launch of the anticipated gaming title, FIFA 14, in Cape Town on Friday the 27th of September 2013.

Following the hit success of last years's FIFA13 launch, the event promises to be an evening of captivating fun for all gaming and soccer enthusiasts. With great food, awesome prizes to be won and of course, the chance to try your hand at the game itself on both consoles and PC, it's going to be a ball.

We are giving you and 30 other die hard EA sports fans the fantastic opportunity to come to an all exclusive FIFA 14 gaming session on launch day in the best field of play this side of Wembley Stadium: The MWEB M-Cave! Aside from getting hands-on first looks at the one of the most anticipated gaming titles of the year, if you are one of the chosen few you can also expect:

  • An awesome "goodie bag" full of free swag
  • Spot Prizes and give-aways
  • Celebrity guest appearances
  • "Challenge-a-Pro"
  • Socialising with other like-minded gaming fans
  • Free food and snacks


Now that the field of play has been set, let me tell you how to score this goal:

How to gain access to this exclusive FIFA 14 launch event:


Twitter Users

1.) Follow @MWEBGMZ

2.) Follow @EA_SouthAfrica

3.) Tweet: "Hope I get selected to attend the #mwebFIFA14 launch with @MWEBgMz and @EA_SouthAfrica on 27/09/13!”

4.) Register on our forums and reply to the forum post on the MWEB GameZone Forum saying GOAL SCORED! >> 

5.) Include these details:

  • Full Name
  • Twitter Handle or link to twitter profile.
  • Age
  • Gamertag / Username
  • Platform: PC / XBOX / PS3

Facebook Users:

1.) LIKE MWEB Gamezone:

2.) LIKE EA South Africa :

3.) Tag yourself in one of the FIFA14 pictures in the GameZone Facebook Album

4.) Register and reply to the forum post  saying GOAL SCORED!

5.) Include these details:

  • Full Name
  • Link to your Facebook profile
  • Age
  • Gamertag / Username
  • Platform: PC / XBOX / PS3

Out of the full entries received (all Twitter / Facebook steps included); we will randomly select 30 gamers to attend the event. Entries must be in by 10AM on 23rd of September. Winners will be notified here and on the forum by 5PM on the 23rd of September 2013. Time is short, so get going….

Terms and conditions

  • You need to be in Cape Town on the 27th of September 2013
  • You need to be over 18 to attend this event.
  • Alcohol on the premises will not be allowed.
  • Access to the event will be on an invite only basis. If you are not on the list, you will not get in it. 
  • You will be required to sign an indemnity on entering the event.
  • The event is on corporate premises, so no computer hardware including flash drives, portable hard drives, laptops and similar devices will be allowed on the premises without prior permission.
  • Space is limited and the number of PCs will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis at the event.
  • Regrettably no guests will be allowed to accompany the winner.
  • If you have not done the prior steps (for Facebook or Twitter) to posting on the forum, your entry will be disqualified.
  • Members of the press will be present at the event, so we ask that you please conduct yourself in a proper manner.
  • One entry per person.

And lastly.....

Do not leave your entry for the last minute or you could miss the starting line-up and find yourself on the bench. This may not be a regulation game but we will have a referee in the field of play. We don't expect you to wear shin guards, so any sliding tackles will be met with a red card and penalties could be awarded.

.....And the winners of golden tickets for the MWEB FIFA 14 Launch Event are.........

Congratulations to the lucky winners who get to attend our prestigious FIFA 14 launch event on Friday 27 September 2013.  

A reminder and additional info will be communicated to the winners via a private message on the forums. What these winners can expect is an awesome goodie bag jam packed with free loot. The chance to “Challenge-a-Pro”, some fabulous media coverage, random and spot prizes, socialising with some like-minded and enthusiastic community members and of course free food, snacks and drinks..

The GameZone Team are looking forward to meeting & entertaining all of you

Here is the list of FIFA 14 Golden Ticket Winners in alphabetical order: 

Altus Du Toit

Andrew-lee Tobias

Asif Parker

Astrid Lochner

Blaine Roper

Cale Perryman

Chezlin Daniels

Chris Muller

Corné Briedenhann

Cristiano Dos Ramos

Eldavinn Davids

Fakhry Gierdien

Fawaaz Essack

Imraan Ahmed 

Jade Rietmann

Jody B Lewis

Jody Williams

Kamil Dayal

Klaas Martin

Leslie Timm

Michael Albertyn

Michelle Hercules

Muhammed Habib Banderker

Muneer Deers

Roger Adamson

shadley jacobs

Tiaan Truter

Wayne Bossenger

Wesley Phillips

ziyaad simons

Some imagery from last years FIFA 13 Launch Event

For the full gallery have a look here.. 

76832_369431956469073_140381618_n.jpg 228828_369435239802078_1835199374_n.jpg 480360_369431409802461_1890059145_n.jpg 525134_369434209802181_849624064_n.jpg 536368_369438999801702_1064396476_n.jpg 557674_369438989801703_244894843_n.jpg

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