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Is that you, Paul?

In a post that started on Penny Arcade and Kotaku has gone completely out of control, and picked up by various other sites, a customer was making queries as to when his pre-ordered Avenger controller addon would arrive as they were meant to be Christmas gifts. He directed it to the company handling the orders, and was thoroughly mishandled by the representative to the point of being very rude to the customer. After a particular point, Dave, the customer decided to forward his mail-trail to various gaming sites. what follows from there are backwards and forwards mails where one Paul Christoforo from Ocean Marketing goes from handling the situation poorly out outright name-calling, poor spelling and a generally hilarious downwards spin, until finally being called out in his name-calling by none other than Mike Krahulik, aka Gabe from Penny Arcade.

Since then a Youtube parody has already been released; reasons for Paul's apparent outburst have been attributed to various reasons including roid-rage. After Internet Nerd Rage came down on Christoforo, his wife and child, he mailed Gabe over PA, "you have the power Mike, please make it stop".

Since then, David Kotkin, the owner and inventor of the Avenger Controller, has stated that they would be handling the marketing internally after this fiasco, stating that Christoforo had taken over from previous marketing firm The Hand Media, which had withdrawn from due to receiving flak regarding delays in the devices' shipping. 

Its a pity really. The Avenger Controller looks pretty sweet, and has received plenty of negative review since this set of stories broke.

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