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Left 4 Dead Fan Short Film Celebrates Gaming

The video game to film adaptation is usually an extremely bad one. The reason behind this is that directors and major film production companies don’t understand the medium of video games. The best video game ‘films’ are fan-made and usually scattered around YouTube. Valve’s had a remarkable track record with a slew of great Half-Life shorts being produced about their products.


Now it’s Left 4 Dead’s turn, a co-op zombie-survival title also developed by Valve. Northern Five, the production company behind this latest Left 4 Dead short has captured the tone of the game perfectly, with well graded footage, the right actors and iconic in-game set pieces. But there’s a twist: This isn’t your ordinary fan produced film about a video game. Watch the video to find out why and to avoid further spoilers:

They’ve not only successfully, and remarkably, made and captured the spirit of a game that’s as iconic as Left 4 Dead, they’ve made probably the greatest video game mash-up of all time. A little over half way through they unexpectedly introduce Master Chief, Marcus Fenix and Soap from Call of Duty. They all roll in for some inter-game co-op zombie-decimating action which gets my gaming nostalgia funny-bone tingling.

For some reason, the trolls be a-trolling. In the comments section, people seem to think that because the majority of the characters come from Xbox titles, it diminishes the quality of the video. Take a look at the top comment at the moment by swicked4911: “It was awesome until it become an Xbox commercial. Terrible writing.” Your logic sir, is impeccable.

Let’s just take it as a celebration to gaming, okay?

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