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The 5 Biggest Let Downs of 2011

2011 had lots of great gaming jam packed between January 1st and December 31st. But not all of it has been so sweet. Sorry guys but I’m about to bring about a few really bad memories. Here goes...

5. DOTA2 not being released
We’ll put this at number 5 mainly because the BETA’s out already. Gabe Newell has boasted he’s already played 800 hours of Dota2. We all joke “Who ate all the pies?” But the real question is “Who ate all the Dota2?” The answer is Gabe Newell cause he’s keeping it all to himself.


4. An array of horrible Superhero Games
2011 has probably been the worst year in the history of the video game industry when it comes to comic book heroes. DC Universe Online, Spider-Man Edge of Time, X-Men Destiny and Captain America: The First Avenger. Batman: Arkham City nearly made up for them. Nearly.


3. No Diablo 3
Guess what? Blizzard are delaying one of their games! Until it’s done! I’m so surprised. With shareholders tapping them on the shoulder asking, ”Are we there yet?” and the response being “Here, play with these panda’s in WoW.” no wonder we’re a tad mad. Thanks Dad.


2. Battlefield 3 Campaign

EA’s trash-talk this year was rather colourful, promising to crush Call of Duty in the worst ways possible. Despite being ultra-douches, I was on their side. I mean, who wouldn’t want a new and fresh take on the military shooter genre with a campaign as good as EA promised. Sigh. What was I thinking to trust them? Douches. The campaign was rubbish. Medal of Honor 2. Waste of my time. Thankfully, the multiplayer really makes up for it.


1. Duke Nukem Forever

The game that took forever to make and will make us hate them forever. Duke Nukem has no redemption. Never in history has a game been so anticipated and so crap simultaneously.


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