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MWEB Adds Gauteng DOTA 2 Server


MWEB have added another dedicated server for the purpose of hosting Valve’s popular title, Dota 2, bringing the total server count to 3 in the region.

The additional server has been deployed into the MWEB data centre in Johannesburg and handed over to Valve for administration. This server, coupled with the 2 servers in the Cape Town data centre, should result in an improved response times for gamers in South Africa.

The server deployed is a high spec machine sporting 128GB of RAM and 12 cores clocking at 3GHZ, so we are confident that it can handle significant load.

What does this mean for South African Players?

By observing the careful and constant monitoring and tweaking by Valve, we have noted that the servers appear to run at peak performance with an average 60 game instances per physical server. So, 60 game instances across 3 servers would provide a combined capacity for 180 game instances. With 10 players in a game, 180 instances should give the region a capacity for 1800 players gaming at the same time (concurrent users).

Capacity for this amount of players, in our observation of unique IP connections to the servers from local gamers, should be sufficient for the region. This is given that the maximum number of local connections that we have seen per day over the last month has been 1314. Notably, this is the TOTAL number of connections seen in a 24 hours period and not the concurrent number of connections, which invariably would be significantly less given that these connections are spread out over the day.

However, the local servers have been impacted by an increased number of international players connecting to our region, possibly as a result of server shortages in their “home” region. In the last month we have seen an average of more than 3000 international connections per day  (again this is a TOTAL and not a measure of concurrent users).


We have been in contact with Valve to see if there is anything that can be done to give priority to gamers in the immediate region with respect to match making and server allocations. As we don’t manage these servers directly, we are reliant on the support of the Valve administrators. We can however assure gamers that Valve are highly attentive and our experience has been that they are committed to making the servers work.

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