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Free Xbox LIVE Weekend: Why You Should Care

Are you ready for it? This weekend is free Xbox LIVE weekend and you know what that means: Unlimited online play of some of your favourite games! Make sure you’ve got your Mweb uncapped packages ready for the rawkus action you’ll be experiencing. Remember that gaming traffic is prioritised on all MWEB packages so you’ll be getting the most out of Xbox LIVE experience with an MWEB connection. If you are not an Xbox LIVE Gold member, there are multiple reasons why you’d want to log on this weekend:

1. The Update
If you haven’t heard about the epic update that Microsoft has launched, it’s worth logging on simply to update. It has better Kinect functionality, a reworked interface and a bunch of entertainment and apps. Most of the features require you to have a Gold subscription so peruse it this weekend to see what you like. For a detailed breakdown, check out this link here.

2. Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3

Chances are, your buddies are playing either Modern Warfare 3 and/or Battlefield 3 online. They’ll probably be playing this weekend and now is the perfect time to sit in a session or two to see if you like. There’s very little cooler than playing Battlefield 3 with your friends over voice chat and working to together like your lives depended on it.

3. Online multiplayer your thing?
Is it your thing? This might be something worth investing in so a good investigation is in order. Take your favourite games and check out how they play online.

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