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Desktop Dungeon Tips

The last few days I’ve done very little but play Desktop Dungeons. In fact, I’m overdue with this deadline because of that bloody game. It’s evil. And unknowingly eats up all your time like a Time Consuming Demon Soul. If you’re battling through this unforgivable but addictive rogue-like dungeon crawler, here are a few tips that’ll give you that edge.

Exploring unknown territory coverts the fog-of-war into manna and health so don’t waste it. In traditional games with fog-of-war, the idea is to reveal as much of it as possible, but in Desktop Dungeons it’s wise to save it and defeat the monsters you have revealed already even if they’re a level above you.


Fight levels above you
Don’t be afraid to take on the Goliaths because if you defeat them, you’ll be rewarded like David was: Ranking up faster. The higher the risk, the greater the reward. But be careful when doing it and watch the hit counter on the right of the screen. A miss click could kill you and end your progress in the blink of an eye.


This might sound silly, but learn what the Glyphs do and how they affect your battle. The more knowledge of the functions of the weapons, glyphs, the kingdom and how the leveling up system works, the better equipped you are to make decisions. Decisions are a key part of the gameplay and one wrong decision, as in taking on the wrong guy, could result in dungeon failure, something I’m very accustomed to at this point.


Trade Glyphs

Trade your Glyphs in if you’re not using them. They convert into damage which can make or break a fight.

Enjoy it. You will lose a lot but when you win, it’s the most amazing experience. Download it for free here and tell us what tips you find. Sharing is caring.

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